Coffee Is Part of Turkish Culture May Cause Divorce among Couples

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To pamper wives is not only a part of showing love but also a culture. In different communities, there exist various rituals and rules that have to be followed by men to keep their wives happy. During the customs of marriages, few enables to grow a bonding among the couples. One of such is present in the community of the Turkish culture. Coffee is one of the ingredients that keep the spices of attraction and affection between couples alive. After marriage, a husband should provide his woman with all the various flavors of coffee.

If the man somehow fails to satisfy his wife with the kind of flavor, making her unhappy due to the absence of coffee at home may lead to divorce. According to the 15th-century Turkish law and culture, on the ground of dissatisfaction when the favorite or required amount of coffee is not at home, divorce was possible. A woman can easily ask for a separation based on the coffee.

It seems strange for many, how can only coffees cause divorce among couples? But a woman could simply file a case for divorce against her husband due to insufficient supply of coffee to her.  

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Ottoman Empire ban of coffee from Turkish culture

During the reign of Sultan Murad IV, coffee was banned. Those who wanted to buy and drink coffee were considered to be punished. Despite considering it as illegal in the country, the people did not give up coffee. Sentencing to death was also not able to remove the craving for coffee from their people. This had led to put the social and personal lives of the commoner in difficulty and shock.

The main reason to ban coffee is to keep his people away to develop new thoughts and ideas that may harm the dynasty or the king. Arabs use to call the coffee houses the “houses of the wise”. To stop the selling, Sultan use to roam around the market in disguise. Life for coffee lovers became difficult in Turkey.

16th Century and divorce initiated by Turkish Women increased

Once there was a bar in the selling of coffee the filing of divorce cases by Turkish women increased effectively. When men were not able to ensure to keep the house sufficient with different kinds of coffee flavors. The Ottoman dynasty had tried to remove the addiction and popularity of coffee from the Turkey culture. Coffee has remained a lifeline among the people of Turkey, this is the reason that it is a mainstay of Istanbul.

If the Arabian men were not able to provide women with the required amount of coffee, as some believed they cannot stay without it. Men who cannot take care of the needs and wishes of wives should not stay together. Based on this ground divorce was possible to set a woman free from a man. On other hand, a woman having a house filled with her favorite coffee was believed to be the luckiest and happiest couple in the Turkish culture.

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