Crazy For Liquid Nitrogen? Be Wise In Your Dealings With Food And Drink

liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen – Aah, yes, it is always thrilling to try out something new and unconventional, isn’t it?

This is why you stretch out your hand so eagerly to pick up a cold drink or an ice cream surrounded by puffs of cold smoke. Nonetheless, sorry to puncture your excitement, dear reader, but you are inviting major health hazards by developing a fondness for this ‘smoke’.

Liquid Nitrogen

What is this Smoke?

It is liquid nitrogen.

  • You are familiar with it as a superb preservative. Don’t you purchase frozen foodstuffs from supermarkets and grocery stores regularly?
  • Ever since the 1800s, the global food industry has been grateful to this ‘instant freezer’, for it prevents staleness and spoilage.

liquid nitrogen

Unsafe for the User

The Indian food industry has been using liquid nitrogen since 2011, with the permission of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. However, ice cream parlours and restaurants have begun using the same stuff for preparing instant (within 30 seconds) mixes and drinks too.

liquid nitrogen

  • They have probably been inspired by the TV show, Master Chef, Australia. The chefs and contestants on the show don protective goggles and gloves, while using limited amounts of liquid nitrogen.
  • Skin tissues exposed to the vapours of liquid nitrogen freeze instantly or acquire cold burns.
  • When even a small amount of pure liquid nitrogen is swallowed, it causes the stomach to expand. The health issues may prove life threatening or fatal.
  • The majority of India’s bartenders, chefs and ice cream makers are untrained, careless and possess no certificates.

Unsafe for the Consumer

People are careless all over the world.

  • While celebrating her 18th birthday in Lancaster, a girl’s entire stomach lining was destroyed. The culprit was a cocktail mixed with liquid nitrogen.
  • A 30-year-old Delhite developed a big hole in his stomach by gulping down a chilled drink with liquid nitrogen in it.

liquid nitrogen

True, it is nice to keep up with the latest trends and prove that you are as cool a guy/gal as the next person is! However, it always helps to be wise in your dealings with food and drink.

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