Mira Rajput Did An Internship At A Hospital But Here’s Why She Gave Up Pursuing Her Dream To Be A Surgeon!

Mira Rajput Wanted To Be A Surgeon

Mira Rajput Wanted To Be A Surgeon – For some people, choosing a particular interest and then making a career out of it is a big deal. It really, really is. Some people clearly know what they’ll do in their future. Whereas, on the other end, there are some people who know what they should do, but they don’t know how. Sometimes, we give up doing a particular thing because of reasons that sounds serious to us, whereas it sounds silly to others.

Shahid Kapoor’s WIFE Mira Rajput falls under that category. How, you ask? Well, I bet once you’re done reading why she gave up doing what she loved, you’ll think that she did a mistake etc, etc. On the other end, others will be like “that’s okay”.

So, like I mentioned in the title Mira did an internship at a Hospital and she wanted to be a Surgeon. But, due to a particular reason, she decided not to do it and the reason will certainly take you by surprise. While talking to Hindustan Times, here’s what Mira revealed “I have done a few things when I was in school and college. I’ve also done several internships. I worked in advertising, too. Initially, I wanted to be a doctor and I even did an internship at a hospital. I was determined to become a surgeon and even saw 13-14 surgeries. But then, I realised that it required a lot of study.”

Yes, you’ve read it right.

As we all know that Mira is just 22 years old, it’s even easier to relate her in this situation, right? It seems, Mira is like any other person who hates studying. Are you wondering about her grades? Me too (Hehe!)

Mira Rajput also revealed that she will start working only after having a second baby. So, yeah, it’s a question where she’ll work. Whether she’ll work in an advertising agency again or in a movie? There are rumors that she’ll make her Bollywood debut soon. Even Mira revealed that she’s getting a lot of film offers. But, right now, she’s not interested and “MISHA” is her priority. So, maybe, in future, we might get to see her in movies or maybe in songs with Shahid Kapoor. You know, just like Imran Khan’s WIFE Avantika who accompanies him in song to make it special.

Mira Rajput Wanted To Be A Surgeon – What do you think about Mira Rajput?

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