Aamchi Mumbai Versus Dilwaalon Ki Dilli

Aamchi Mumbai

Aamchi Mumbai Versus Dilwaalon Ki Dilli! The debate among the national and financial capital is perennial, just like a dish popular in all seasons.

This endless debate is like the curious case of ‘who came first the egg or the hen and churns excitement no less than an India-Pakistan cricket match.

Aamchi Mumbai is the city of dreams and hopes. It is the lovechild of money and power, the financial and commercial capital of the country. On the other hand ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’ has a rich history of its own lying at the helm of all affairs and intrigues. It is the city of culture and legends, the stage of political power and the seat of power of our country. But the million dollar question remains which of the two cities is better?

Aamchi Mumbai

Be it weather, freedom, outlook, history, culture or food, there are uncountable things on which you can compare the two cities.

The best thing about living in the capital is experiencing its seasons. You may sweat and fume, and collapse into a puddle during the relentless summer but there is always the absolutely fabulous winter to look forward to. The days get shorter the morning get foggier, the nights get downright chilly. But when we think of Mumbai, however cramped and claustrophobic your apartment may be, the moment you drive by the seaside and watch the horizon expand before you, it is easy to understand why Mumbai is described as the city of endless possibilities. Walk on the beach and let the water trickle on your feet or simply sit at Marine Drive and let the sound of waves take you over.

When it comes to gastronomic treats, it is definitely Delhi which enjoys an upper hand. No matter what your taste buds crave, you can find it all in Delhi. Trawl the lanes of old Delhi for the best kebabs and kormas. Sample the wares of the delightfully named Paranthewali Gali.

Aamchi Mumbai

You can also try the chats and gol-gappas at Bengali market and how can we not relish the momos at Dili Haat. Walk your way through the cafes of Khan market, eating everything from Thai to Chinese to Italian food.

Aamchi Mumbai

No matter who you are, Delhi has a wide food range for everyone, it is a potpourri of various cultures and cuisines all perfect for different appetites, budgets and the insatiable India palette. And while Mumbai has its own charm when it comes to food, it is specialized for its pav, from pav bhaji, vada pav to keema pav and so on, but in for food, my heart is set on ‘Dilli’ ka khana.

From food let’s move to history and culture of both cities. Hands down, when we talk about the culture and historicity the national capital beats Mumbai.

Aamchi Mumbai

There is a strange narrative found within the historical monuments, the age-old buildings and the galis of purani Dilli. The perfect blend of Mughal and Hindu culture and art thrive in this city with many scholars, poets and critics making it a hub of activity.

Well! we can say, Delhi consist of the aura of an intellectual city while Aamchi Mumbai breathes the Bollywood air. I love both the cities in their own ways!

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