These Photos Show The Other Side Of The Busiest City – Mumbai

Other side of Mumbai

Other side of Mumbai – Only Mumbaikars will understand what kind of belongingness they share with this city!

Every morning is a challenge in Mumbai and we Mumbaikars know to race against time and people to follow our dreams.  Living in Sapno Ki Nagariya, Mumbai is known to be overwhelming busy for 24 hours in a day. Even with the heavy amount of poverty seen in every street of Mumbai, it is also known to be a home to billionaires. No matter whether is a 26/11 attack or the flood attacking the city, spirit of Mumbai and the people living here has never gone down.

With 21 million population, Mumbai is known to be the 3rd most populous city in the world. With world’s biggest slum area of Asia, Dharavi located here, Mumbai is known to have the largest number of richest in the state. With some of the most expensive areas like Malabar hills and Marine Drive and the biggest film industry in the world, there are lot more things to say about Aamchi Mumbai.


Do you think Mumbai is the busiest city? Recently a photographer named Divyesh Vadgama tried to capture the other side of the city which changes the potential overnight.  These pictures shot by the photographer will show the other side of the city.

Other side of Mumbai –

  1. While trying to escape the thoughts!


  1. The lonely night while heading towards the one of the busiest railway station, Turbhe.


  1. When the skyscraper wanted to kiss the sky and all I can do is gaze at them.


  1. When you wanted to find something in the ruins of the vintage Mumbai.


  1. With skyrocketing towers and buildings, everything seems to be gloomy!


  1. Look around and you would love the Gothic architecture of Victoria Terminus.


  1. Local train is the lifeline of Mumbaikars and here is one among the rusted one!


  1. The zeal of Mumbaikars is high but let us take a look at one among the oldest red buildings of the Mumbai Samachar.


  1. Wanted to be someone among the millions in the city of millions!


  1. Want to be beyond awesome!


Other side of Mumbai – You must agree that the people in Mumbai are marvellous and every person irrespective of caste, creed and economic status is respected here! It has become one among those cities where millions of people wish to live in. No matter our trains are crowded or overcrowded, we don’t mind traveling through the trains EVERYDAY.

That is why I love Mumbai and you should also do! Kabhi Mumbai to Aak Dekho Mere Dost! 😉

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