These 5 Factors Will Help You Choose A Right Car For Your Teenaged Kid!

Eighteen is not only the age for getting a driver’s license, but it is also the age for owning a vehicle! It is a great responsibility for parents to judge if eighteen is the right age for buying a car for their child.

The 18th birthday is always special for all of us.

From eligibility to get married (for girls) to getting a registration on a social media site and from the power to vote at the elections to getting a driver’s license, most teenagers look forward to turning 18!

However, once the child (or now an adult) gets a driving license, he or she would also wish to buy a personal car. Owning a car brings with it great responsibilities, as well as huge risks. Hence, it is imperative for parents to diligently choose the right vehicle for a teenager.

We list a few factors to consider while buying a car for a teenager:

1)      Necessity of the Car:

First and foremost, the parents must consider the reason for giving the car to their child. Is it a necessity, a luxury, or is it peer-pressure that is making him or her demand the coupe. It is also significant to understand if the teen is responsible enough to own a car.

2)      Cost of the Car:

If parents are unable to afford a car they must postpone the idea. The teenager can always buy one when he or she is self-sufficient. 

3)     Talk to the Teenager:

Before buying a car for a teenager, it is crucial to have a talk with the prospective owner of the auto! Parents must discuss about the finances related to buying the car, as well as the duties and responsibilities that come with it. A discussion on compliance to basic safety rules, such as wearing a seatbelt, no use of mobile phones while driving, and more must also be in the agenda of discussion. 

4)     The Right Car for a Teenager:

Though buying the car of the choice of the driver is important, but parents also need to do a R&D and shortlist the most reliable & durable auto brands. Searching for user reviews on the internet may help in this regard. 

5)      Final Selection:

It is a good idea to let the teenager make the final decision and choose the best out of the cars shortlisted by the parents.

With a plethora of apps available today it is easy for parents to keep tab on the driving skills of the teenager. Nevertheless, it is a better idea to make the teen aware of all the do’s and don’ts of driving.

Though, being strict is necessary, but parents must not forget, that they are buying the car for the happiness of their child. Hence, they must also consider and fulfill the aspirations of the child, as the ‘first car’ is always special to all of us!

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