Forbidden Travels: The Haunted Spots Of India

We talk about some of the scariest of places in India. No reasons or logics prevail except that these are haunted and have kept the interest of the tourists alive for such destinations.

India, the nation of hidden secrets and undiscovered mysteries, is definitely a fascinating land for all.

For ages that passed by, travelers from all across the globe have had their vested interests in India, and some of them wandered purely for to explore the mystical energies that surround this subcontinent.

The religious rituals, the untamed practices, the haunting tales of yesteryears; all of these are characteristically Indian, and make India a prime popular tourist destination.

Hence, it was not a difficult task to list the haunted places of the nation, which surely are forbidden but keep the interests of such travel enthusiasts intact who dare to unravel the supernatural mysteries by visiting them.

A larger group who wouldn’t dare to indulge in something as audacious as traveling to such places, they satiate the quench by sharing the stories of mysterious places.

Let us just get inside the haunted spots and dig what is in there!

1. Ghost Town of Bhangarh – Ajabgarh, Rajasthan
Located at a distance of about 300kms from Delhi in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh is one of the most haunted places in India. It has not only spooked the people who have visited the place, but even the government so much so that the Archaeological Survey of India has banned an entry in village from sunset to sunrise! It is common to hear stories that no one has come out alive if ventured inside the place after sunset!

Already giving you Goosebumps, huh?

The village consists of dilapidated forts and few temples with an interesting legend as to why there might be ghosts ruling the place with no intervention by human species. The legend says that a tantric was in love with the princess of the kingdom ruling Bhangarh, but she foiled all of his plans to woo her. It was after one more failed attempt to win her over which resulted in the tantrik’s death, that he cursed the princess which resulted in the kingdom and princess to perish. It seems the ghosts of princess and her townsfolk roam in the area, waiting for their salvation!

Very few people are able to gather enough courage to visit the place, but no one dares to visit in the night. However, with the adventurous spirit slowly increasing among people, tourist inflow is slowly increasing. In case you want to enjoy some adrenaline rush of being surrounded by mysterious elements, give Bhangarh a visit! Remember to carry some food and drinks on your own as the area around the place isn’t much developed. You would not like to enjoy the thrills with stomach churning out of food or fear, would you?



2. Dumas Beach- Gujarat
Who can believe that a popular beach with hordes of tourists visiting it on a daily basis can turn out to be one of the scariest places at night? Yes, the Dumas Beach, located just 21kms away from the bustling city of Surat in Gujarat is one such place which sends shivers down the spine. During the day, the place is filled with tourists with their friends and family, but by the turn of night, there is not even a soul to be spotted.

It used to be a cremation ground and as per the local folklore, the souls of unsatisfied dead bodies frequent the beach and with them bring the sadness, cries and gloom. Whosoever has visited the beach at night hasn’t returned to share the experience. Even the dogs are heard crying and howling all through the night!

Still, if you want to get the feeling of some mysterious souls crying or roaming around you in their invisible forms, do visit the beach, but don’t go alone! Thrill should be experienced with some safety measures.



3. D’Souza Chawl in Mahim – Mumbai
D’Souza Chawl is located right in the middle of a city which is filled with people. It is no secluded place which is usually associated with ghosts. However, the chawl has a well in its premises which bears testimony to the presence of a lady ghost popularly known as the ‘lady of the well’.

This lady used to live in the chawl and once when she was filling water from the boundary-less well, she fell in it and drowned. From that time, locals have spotted a white silhouette around the well every night. Thankfully, the white figure is not harmful. However, people are still barred from going near the well at nights!

This is not a tourist place, but one can still go ahead and try to experience it, at their own risk!



4. Dow Hill in Kurseong – Darjeeling
Dow Hill in Kurseong is located in Darjeeling district and is just 47kms from Siliguri by road. It has gradually acquired the distinction of one of the most haunted places in the country owing to several stories of murders and suicides in the hills. Even though tourists visit the place for its natural beauty, as sun goes down, the instances of people coming across head-less boys or dead-women walking in grey clothes keep increasing.

The most common of the haunted places is considered to be the Dow Hill Boarding School for Girls. Various instances are recorded about the school’s corridors to be frequented by ghosts and supernatural activity!

Do try this place out for beauty during the day and un-explainable thrills at night!



5. Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad
Built on a large scale, just like Universal Studios in America, Ramoji Film City is a tourist attraction as much as a place for shooting movies of different languages all year round. However, it has its own share of scare-stories.

As per one legend, it is built on the land where the famous wars of the Nizams were fought. Hence, ghosts of the soldiers are known to frequent the place. People working there have felt super-natural activities with shooting lights falling off the shelves, mirrors in the make-up rooms getting unreadable strange symbols or words written in Urdu which was the language of sultans!

It is a tourist place as much as a work place, but no one has been able to spot a fixed pattern of these unusual activities which include girls being troubled as well, with their doors being screeched from outside, tearing off of their clothes, and what not.


You can visit the place and expect to experience something eerie things, even during the day as all measures taken to prevent such happenings have failed! If nothing, enjoy some film shoot!

Did you visit any such spots?

We would love to hear your experiences!

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