Pack Light For Your Vacations Using These Useful Tips!

Many of us love to travel, but most of us don’t quite know to pack for these random breaks. Here are some useful tips to help you pack light and be absolutely hands-free and stress-free.

We all are familiar with last-minute holiday panic, and that usually consists packing! 

What to pack and what to leave behind, is a dilemma we all go through, whether it’s for a short break or a long holiday. 

While we all would love to travel light, without the fuss of carrying bulky suitcases, travelling light is actually harder than it sounds. So here are some useful tips to get the trick right. 

Sort the Items 

The key to travelling light is to know what you really need to carry with yourself. Sorting your things at the first place will help you prune down your list and will also help you pack your things systematically. Make stacks of things you want to take on a bed, including toiletries, accessories and socks.

Now decide on the things you can do without, and take them off the stack. Remember to be organized, keep your clothes neatly folded and piled, which will help you measure the space each item will require. 

Choice of Bag 

The right kind of bag can make a major difference in what you can pack for your trip. If you are going on a casual weekend trip or a trek, pick up a sturdy back pack, with lots of intelligent space. Make sure they are comfortable on your shoulder and back. A Backpack will allow you to pack-in more things without increasing much weight on your back. You can also opt for a duffle bag, which you can either sling across your shoulder or wear it on your shoulder. But, if you are going on an official or a business trip, suitcase is the best choice.

Pick up business suitcases, which are compact, foldable and has ample of hidden space. These will be essential to protect the crispness of your ironed clothes. 

Storing Liquids 

Problems with packing light arise when you have a lot of toiletries to carry. Any leakage can damage the clothes and also your bag, but carrying a separate pack will increase your hassle. The best solution is to pack your shampoos, conditioners and shaving creams in a zip pouch, before packing it in the bag. The zip pouch doesn’t leak, so it will protect your clothes, while keeping your toiletries organized.

Zip pouch will also prevent pressurized bottles, if you are travelling to high altitudes. Also, remember to carry miniature bottles of your toiletries wherever possible, to lighten the weight.   

Keep It Rolling 

You must have heard this a million times, but never implemented. Trust us, rolling up clothes actually frees up a lot of space in the bag. And no, it is not just for backpacks, you can also roll up clothes when packing in suitcase. In fact, rolling up clothes will actually protect the creases. But don’t roll it randomly.

First, fold the cloth neatly, and then roll it compact. 

Mix-Match Your Clothes 

Carrying a separate outfit for each day of your holiday is insanity personified, unless there’s a private jet carrying your entire luggage! The intelligent thing would be to rather pack clothes that are neutral and match with a lot of other things, or clothes that you can repeat without attracting attention. The easiest way is to carry your denims, and enough tees. Jeans are comfortable and stretchy and you can practically live in them. For skirts and dresses, pick up the ones which you can style in different ways.

Try and plan your clothes around your travelling shoes, or carry just one extra slipper that will go withal your outfits.

Let’s give your fancy stilettoes a break! If accessories are important to you, try and stick to one set at the maximum. 

Breeze through your journey with these tips to pack light. And don’t forget to keep some space for your shopping! 

Happy Journey!

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