A Fishy Tale Of Fishing Destinations In India!

Fishing is a great activity to relax the mind and body. Here, we bring you the perfect destinations in India that can offer a marvelous Fishing Holiday to you.

Deadlines at work, hectic work schedules and tight commitments; can make anyone distressed. Much awaited thing is a break, as it is always said “De-stress before you get Distressed.”

The hustle and bustle of busy lifestyle never grants a long escape. With periodic nightmares of re-joining work, one can only think of few easy doorways to unwind oneself. As a matter of fact, fishing, the game of patience can be one of the most appealing activities to unwind self by staying very close to nature. 

With a vast coastline of about 3000Kms and 55,000Kms of water bodies including lakes, streams, rivers, tributaries and reservoirs; India hosts exhilarating fishing adventures which consist of trawling, sport fishing and angling.

Let us have a thorough understanding of this engaging, amusing, pleasurable and relaxing holiday venture.

Fishing Permits

Fishing licenses are compulsory to guarantee safety of ecosystem. Therefore, before heading to any fishing safari, get endorsed for a legalized fishing. Contact the state tourism and fisheries department of the state, which one intends to visit.

Point to Note – Fishing permits are not issued during the breeding season. 

Season for Fishing in the Nation

 Since the diverse land of India has climatic differences from region to region, thereby fishing can be enjoyed throughout the year in various fishing destinations.

Honing the Hobby – Learn the Tricks

Waiting for a nibble is an art of tremendous patience. The keys to successful fishing expedition are time and patience to keep quiet and still for hours. The tough challenge one has to face while pulling in a big prized-catch can be one way of de-stressing all that accumulated pressure  one faces in his daily hurly-burly.One more exciting part of fishing is the eating your hard earned catch.

Fishing is a game of angling. Place your line close to a swift areas there have more oxygen for a better catch. One must carry Fishing Rods, Lines, Hooks, Reel, Flies, Spoons, Spinners and Bait.

Fishing Attire and Where to Stay

Wear light cotton clothes or waterproof protective clothing, light sandals or water proof rubber calf length shoes.  Carry a tube of sunscreen, a smart hat and sunglasses for sun protection.

To enjoy the fishing holiday to the fullest, tag along a number of friends or family and share the thrill while gathering around bonfires or staying up overnight while camping in the wilds. Forest lodges for an adventurous stay can be good options. Of late the state governments have started a whole range of amenities for the tourists to encourage fishing safaris.


Trawling in Himachal Pradesh – The Beas River in the Kullu-Manali region, Larji Valley, is popular for Brown Trout. Other than these Sutlej, Ravi,Tirthan, Sainj, Uhl, Baspa, Pabar, Lambadug, Giri, Rana, NugalGai, Baner, Bata, are the mean streams for angling in Himachal Pradesh where fishes like Mahseer, Barilus sp, Glyptothoraxsp, Nemacheilusspp, Schizothoracids Crossocheilus sp. are abundantly available. October to November and from April to June, are the recommended months for a visit. Avoid fishing during the chilled seasons of winters.

Angling in Uttar Pradesh– Dodital fresh water lake, is ideal for trout fishing all through the year. One can choose to stay in the forest rest-house at Dodital and Bartok. Ramganga and the Sharda rivers in the range of Jim Corbett National Park are the ideal water bodies for Mahseer hunt. Rishikesh can also be considered for a fishy adventure.

Catching Fish in South India – April to September are the ideal months for trout-fishing in Southern India.  For stay, go camping in forests bungalows. Mysore is a great place to catch Mahseer fish. One can stay at Cauvery Fishing Lodge. In Kerala, streams around the hill stations of Munnar are best for fishing during the month of April to September.

So my friend, pack your fishing gear along with some real cool and trendy outfits and head for a fishing holiday right-away. This is just the right time!!

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