6 Reasons Why Benedict Cumberbatch Is Every Girl’s Fantasy

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch – There are a million handsome guys to fall in love with in this world, but there is this one guy who is definitely someone we cannot resist.

British actor who is 6 feet tall with curly hair and an accent that can take your heart away, Benedict Cumberbatch has become every girl’s fantasy as of late.

After his TV series Sherlock Holmes, he has won even more hearts. His portrayal as the narcissist sociopath is something to vie for and we really cannot think of anyone better than Benedict Cumberbatch to play the role of Sherlock Holmes.

That’s the show that brought him to the eyes of girls and he became the fantasy of every single girl out there. Here are some of the reasons that make him so irresistible for girls:

  1. His British Accent

Every time this man speaks, his every word sounds like a melody. I don’t know why but there is something totally awesome about his British Accent. You must have heard a lot of Englishmen speaking, but his words that are matched perfectly with his deep voice are absolutely magical.

  1. He has the classiest wardrobe

While guys stick to their staples, he plays with his wardrobe in the most wonderful manner. In fact, girls feel like borrowing his fashion tips and give it to their boyfriends so that they can at least have a man in life who has the same wardrobe as Benedict Cumberbatch.

  1. He is witty

If you have every watched his interviews, you will know how wittiness is the best weapon he uses. Well, when we look at him, we feel like the perfect combination of looks with brains is actually not that uncommon. And during the red carpet events, you can see him playing with fellow stars and photo bombing them is just another hobby.

  1. He supports LGBT rights and is a feminist too

Girls usually fall for the man who believes in equality, and Benedict Cumberbatch is the man who supports LGBT rights and feminism in the most vocal manner. He is one of such man who believes that you don’t have to be a woman to become a feminist. I second that!

  1. He is a great husband

Benedict is one such man who you can look up to as an ideal husband, boyfriend or even an ex. This man knows what his roles are towards the women in his life and plays them perfectly without bad-mounting a relationship.

  1. He is beautiful

Whether you look at the lean body that he bodes of so well or the amazing cheek bones that are too hard to find, Benedict Cumberbatch is someone that can literally kill you with this looks. If nothing, you can definitely have great dreams just by looking at his face.

There can be a million reasons to love Benedict Cumberbatch and these are just the 6 of them. If you know any more, just keep on adding them in the comments.

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