15 Ways To Save Money On Holidays

We can save money even while holidaying to the places we always wanted to visit

Holiday to your heart’s content and save money!

Yes you can do that!

Not a joke at all.

Well travelers; who says you have to burn a hole in your pocket or you have to be ultra rich to harness the richness of exploring the world with a naked eye?

There are ways to be a sensible and intelligent vacationer and make the best of that trip relishing each moment and still saving money.

Here we bring you 15 most effective ones that work in almost all the corners of the globe!

1. Hunt for Best Possible Deals
With the advent of a hoard of travel websites and travel apps, thanks to the high-tech age, we have all the options available to hunt for a best deal on a holiday package. Moreover, with the huge competition floating in the travel industry, travel vendors are eager to give extra rebates or some brilliant deals to get the client hooked. One just needs to coax a bit further to dig that extra. Be it for the hotel bookings or other nitty-gritty of the trip. Hon your bargaining skills and apply the age old logics of freebies and or plus one free. Yes they work, believe you us! You will extract the hidden goodies if you go a mile extra.

2. Make Friends with Travel Comparison Websites
If you are a globe-trotter and a net-friendly creature, you would know that there are many websites that offer one-spot price comparison and the best deals on your chosen destination/price range. They have it all mapped out for you at just few clicks. You do not need to hop from one site to another digging the info.

3. Choose Overnight Travelling Options and Sleep During the Travel
Yes this is the most effective way to save those extra bucks for your holiday shopping. In any case you have to travel to your destination. Why not travel in the night? You can use that time to catch-up with your sleep and also save big money on over-night stay at hotels or gust-houses.

4. Plan a Trip in the Week Instead of Weekend
Weekend trips are any which ways costlier than the week days trips. Hence, whenever possible, take a break from your work-schedule during the week and go exploring. Mid-week offers are always lighter on the pocket as there is not much holiday traffic. The added bonus is that you can use the weekend to rest and relax after the tiring trip, before you resume work.

5. Locals Are Good Bargainers. Use Them
Make friends with, or if at all it’s needed, pay a little extra cash to a local who can bargain on the souvenir or curios shops. He would know the language, know the necessary skills and will be a more effectual person to talk to the natives of the land for reducing the price of local items. By the end of your trip, you would be thankful that you opted for a bargainer. If you are an ardent shopper, that is!

6. Go Hitch Hiking In Trucks and Tractors
While you are holidaying in a group, preferably in the daytime and have the safety devices handy, you can go hitch-hiking with the locales on their trucks and tractors. Especially when you are holidaying towards the country side! It will give a brilliant opportunity to soak in the landscaped views on the way, and will help you save your local traveling cost. Make sure you choose the lift sensibly. Some of the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists.

7. Holiday in Groups with Friends and Family
While you might prefer to be alone or at the most with one loved companion during the holiday, it is always beneficial to travel in large groups. It helps to divide the eating and traveling cost. And whoever not heard of more-the-merrier? Yes it is a proven fact. With a lot of company to have, one enjoys the time with different personalities around. Interesting tales to write about later!

8. Plan an Advance Vacation
You know this one. Don’t you? But did you put it to action many times? Well, this proves to be the biggest moolah saver when it comes to air or rail booking. In case of hotel bookings too, if you book well in advance, you end-up saving almost half of what you would be paying right at the spot. Check all the offers thoroughly, which are available on advance bookings.

9. Free Entertainment is In All the Places
Oh yes, every city has those free sight-seeing spots and free entertainment shows (street-shows) going on for the locales and the tourists. Choose them as your recreational activities while on a holiday. Go for happy-hour bars and restaurants that serve free music and entertainment with the meals.

10. Go for Your Holiday in Off-season
Holidaying in off-season does not in any case take away the pleasure of exploring the place. The sites remain the same with their unique flavors intact. But the added advantage is that the off-season bookings come with oodles of discounts from travel to stay to food to shopping. Bonus: The place will be quieter and peaceful, devoid of all the maddening peak season holiday rush.

11. Give the Local Public Transport a Chance
No it is not at all that bad as you always perceived it to be. While traveling locally, public transport is a much cheaper option than the extravagant cabs and AC busses. Give a chance to all the local busses and trams and autos and rickshaws and everything else available in the city. You will get a chance to reel in the essence among local people and ambience.

12. Now Is the Time to Use all The Payback or Reward Points Earned on Your Plastic Money Usage
All the banks and credit card providers have the deals on payback and reward points where you can en cash those against your travel bookings. Find out your reward point accounts and other offers on credit card travel bookings. You will surely save a lot than you imagined.

13. Go for Open Air Camping Wherever Possible
Well, this is the best I love about all the travel plans. Open air camping is one of the best experiences one can bring back from holidays. The added advantage is that you can save a lot of money that you may want to spend on exorbitant and lavish hotel stays. Outside camping lets you be with the pristine nature and pronounce your holiday in the best possible manner.

14. Choose the Stay and Shopping Away From Main Areas
The main tourist areas are always overtly priced than the nearby places. Choose your accommodation food and shopping options a little away from regular place tourist destination. Vendors and accommodation providers in these areas will be delighted to offer their best price. Added advantage, you get to explore more of the land than what is prescribed.

15. Be Open to Free Holiday Mails and Check Them As and When
Winning a free holiday! How delightful that sounds! Yes you can. Just keep an eye on holiday offers and do not just let them adorn your spam folder. Yes, you can clinch a good one for a very small price. Make sure you read all the terms and clauses carefully before you go for it.

This is what we could come up with to suggest you on money saving while holidaying. Do you have any tips too?


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