Badlapur This Friday: These Shocking Dialogues Would Leave You Thrilled!!

Badlapur this Friday

#BADLAPURthisFRIDAY is going to create some long-lasting effects on the minds of the viewers. The trailers and promos of this film ‘Badlapur’ had been doing the rounds since a while. Shocking and spine-chilling effects not only gripped the viewers but also had taken a toll on the actor.

Everyone is keen to watch Varun Dhawan in this extremely different image of his character – Raghu that he is donning in this film. The actor himself had confessed that he went into a depressed and disturbed mind set after doing this film.

Listing some dialogues that would seriously send tremors down your spine:

The traffic cop asks Raghu “ghetli kaay?” (Meaning: if he had consumed alcohol)

To that he replies “nahi murder keli.” (Meaning: No, committed murder)

Directed by Sriram Raghavan this movie without doubt has mind-blowing shots but the other thing to watch out for in this film would be the hard-hitting dialogues. Written by Sriram Raghavan again and Arijit Biswas the dialogues are beautifully punched into a conversation.

Watch this conversation of Huma Qureshi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Although it is about dirty talks but there isn’t really any titillating effect created here. The expression on Huma’s face as she reacts to Nawaazuddin would leave you stunned.

Watch Varun Dhawan’s conversation with the ‘Shor in the city’ actress, Radhika Apte…your heart is surely going to skip a bit hearing their conversation.

Radhika Apte plays the character of Koko in the film while Huma plays a prostitute called Jhumli. She is the love interest of Nawazuddin who is the villain Liak in the film.

Watch this dialogue promo – Hello Liak:

The promos are cut in a way that they would leave a mark on your mind and would make you crave for more. The kind of darkness projected in the film would attract you to the theatres.

The entire way in which the character of Raghu is shown so far in the trailers and the promo also gives a sneak peek into the grave situational mentalities. Raghu is a man who witnessed his wife (played by Yami Gautam) and son being killed. He goes on a killing spree to take revenge of his family’s death.

The unique thing about it is the usage of colors. It isn’t the typical black and white colors to depict good and bad. The two sides of Raghu are split screened into a black and white shot of him and a gory red shot of him.



His revenge dialogue is the best dialogue so far:

“tapda tadpa ke maarne ke baad”

He explains the concept of forgiveness according to him is only after you have taken the revenge…and yes the shot of hammering is definitely going to silent the audience in the theatres.

If Varun Dhawan himself went into disturbing state of mind then Badlapur this Friday is definitely going to have a very gory effect on the audiences. Definitely not meant for the weak hearts!

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