Sooth Your Senses Not With A Steamy Bath But With Balcony Herb Gardens!


Enjoying days in the lap of nature while making it your livelihood is something anyone would look forward to – when fresh flowers, fruits and green leaves spring about you and you are left with lush greenery and the sweet fragrance of wet earth then that gives you immense solace and infinite joy to feel the evolving world in the best way possible.

Being ardent lovers of plants and nature, a husband wife duo, Ranjit and Minette thought of making their passion their profession.

Ranjit & Minette

Ranjit & Minette

While Bangalore is known for its greenery and cleanliness, Ranjit and Minette have set up Green Thumbs Boutique for bringing herb gardening to your doorstep, rather your balconies to be precise. The couple’s common hobby and interest in gardening has now turned into a full-fledged business as their idea of gifting their friends, acquaintances and relatives, natural gifts such as plants for occasions meant for celebration – birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  The duo gifted their associates ‘balcony makeovers’ and within a short span of time they needed a proper business set-up to provide services  to a larger audience and give them better value for money deals.

Green Thumb Boutique

Green Thumb Boutique

This innovative gardening initiative started in 2011 when Minette planned to leave her busy corporate schedules to work with plants on a daily basis to transform them into beautiful bonsais, flower beds and colourful gardens. Ranjit even specializes in making fruit tree bonsais that fetch fruits and boosted them enough for growing vegetables too such as tomatoes, cabbage, chillies, carrots and also herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint and oregano. Once they started growing these vegetables in their garden, and have been gleefully consumed by their family and friends, the Green Thumbs Boutique has become a pioneer in offering people with different kitchen gardens and vegetable gardens. The people can customize their specifications in plants with Rs. 500 as the minimum price with the boutique. These plants are sourced through Minette and Ranjit’s contacts and suppliers across India and for this as well as for marketing and increasing client interaction,

Facebook is what they use and prefer.

Minette believes that with plants, experimentation and learning is the norm and there are ways that you would learn new aspects of how nature wants us to treat her.

Not only does the couple work to make your balconies more naturally beautiful with home gardens, vegetable gardens, terrace and herb gardens, but their service comes for life long as they can offer advices on how to treat and maintain your plants better for growth and prosperity. Just like animals and birds are kept in a protective home or shelter where they can get a chance to be cared for, the plants that are going through a bad phase in your home, the couple can keep it, nurture it, care for it and nourish it so that ultimately you have a beautiful and well-grown plant in your balcony!

The boutique has come up with an innovative concept of ‘balcony baskets’ that is inclusive of a nicely built drainage system and has become a favourite with many of their customers who have been able to see their gardens in full bloom and their plants in full glory at their homes only because of the duo’s way of setting up the whole flowery creation.

Green Thumb Boutique -  Plant in a bulb

Green Thumb Boutique – Plant in a bulb

If you have a drab, dull space at home or a small balcony extending from your living room, you can make it colourful and interesting instead of dreary and boring. Now people will find their homes and balconies much more relaxing and soothing by providing for greener corners, floral gardens or even an organic flower bed.

The couple would simply visit your home if you place an order for a garden on their page on Facebook and take pictures of the space that you wish to convert into something eco-friendly. They would send you a graphic representation of how they wish to convert the space to crown it with beauty and once you finalise it, they will home-deliver your product.

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Focussing on durability and affordability, the couple enthusiastically takes part in local fairs and kitchen and garden markets where they sell their beautiful world of plants with different design elements, covering various kinds of pots, plants and areas. They also aim to teach children who are about five years and above the basics about treating and caring for various plants. Their plan includes adult groups too who wish to know how to nurture their plants at home and maintain a garden in their balconies.

Now make your small spaces and balconies appear larger and magnificent…with nature!

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