On Your Bad Days, Remember This & Go Through It Bravely!

Bad Days In Life – Do you ever question “why do we have bad days?” or do you end up saying “Bad days suckkks.” You know what, I do that too. I hate bad days as much as you hate them. Sometimes, I wish if our LiFe only had good days. You know, so that we would’ve been happy. Sadly, we cannot change what’s already written.

You know what, actually that’s a good thing too. Escaping bad days? How are you gonna learn lessons then? After experiencing tons of bad days, and learning lessons from them, I’ve come to the realization, that bad days are freaking important to get me going. Whenever I get stuck or I realize, “Ok, so this day is one of those,” I convince myself “It’s going to pass.” I love that quote “It’s just a bad day not a bad LiFe.” There’s actually so much meaning to it. The biggest thing I’ve learned is, when you have bad days, it gives a lesson so that you won’t repeat the same mistake again to add another bad day in your list. Remember this – Bad days in life are important. I know, they’ll stir you up with anger sometimes but take that. It is your responsibility to DEFEAT it by living. One bad day isn’t going to end your world. No, it isn’t. No matter what happens, do not take it personally. As in, do not drown yourself in the bad happening that took place in your office or any other public environment. Listen, you’re NOT the only one. Do you really think, Lord gave you all the bad days? No, it isn’t like that. We all are living a LiFe and we all have our share of bad days in it.

The lows you’re experiencing today will get better. But hey, it isn’t a pinch work. You gotta do something to change that. Get up & get going to replace bad with good. I don’t know you personally, but listen, sometimes you’ll have bad weeks too. You will cry, you will feel alone & lost in this chaos but you gotta be strong. I know you will. You gotta convince yourself that you’re strong enough to defeat the demons of your bad days. I tell MYSELF this all the time. Every time I do, I feel strong.

You know why you feel strong? Because deep within, you’ve that in you & all you need to do is, sometimes turn the power on. Bad days will drown you but be your own support & get back up. It’s not like I always beat these days, okay? Listen, I do cry, sit alone in a corner with a heavy heart & I think about it. Trust me, on bad days, my head & heart hurts too. But I always have this positivity that saves me in the end. Crying isn’t bad. Do it & then enough. You have people who love you. Go ahead & sit & talk to them. If you can’t do that, fucking play that music & sing those songs out loud. I always do this. When I think I can’t go out & talk to people because I’ll burst into tears, I play Eminem’s songs.

It is a best therapy.

Do not let the bad happening ruin you. It is a day & there will be morning. Be positive, Focus on the right things & Stay strong.

The other day you’ll be surprised that you actually made it. You defeated & learned & for that, appreciate yourself. Yesterday I had a terrible day but here I am today – HAPPY & STRONG. No matter what’s going on with you today, I know you will be strong because you are.

Bad Days In Life : Remember – Just a bad day not a bad LiFe.

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