5 Reasons Why Should You Cultivate The Habit Of Listening To Music

Listening To Music

Listening to music – No matter how old you grow, there is always a song from your childhood, you can’t stop humming. I am wondering about the effect it had on you back then. Such was the music’s impact that you cannot seem to take it out of your head quite a few years from then.

Music, they say, is everywhere. Whether you listen to the rustling water of a flowing river or a song on your music player or an artist at a public place, listening to music can anytime have a positive impact on your brain.

We see why you should make it a habit of listening to music. Read on.

Listening To Music –

  1. Choice

Before I left home for graduation, I remember my mother singing a bhajan early in the morning, while I was still in the bed. Quite frequently, I used to wake up to the chanting of mantras and bell sounds. Currently, I live in a city miles away from home and though I have not been waking up to bhajans anymore, I long to listen to the voice that brightened up my day daily.

You know what your mood is. You know what kind of music you would love to listen now. Nothing better than putting your earphones and playing your favourite song on your favourite journey, right?

  1. Stress buster

Music does not always have to be something that has lyrics. Anything that lifts your spirits after a long, hard day is music. Be it classical, jazz or a rap, when you listen to it a part of your brain gets activated, which results in release of a pleasure hormone called dopamine. What’s exciting here is that dopamine is the same chemical that gets released when you eat your favourite food or your long lost crush sends you a friend request on Facebook (wink).

  1. Health wise

Scientists have proved that enjoying your favourite music affects your heart in a good way. A music you find soothing, helps your blood vessel function in a way that increases the blood flow in your system. Ever wondered why do gyms have a surround sound music system? Well, just like music can help you calm down, it can also energize you and keep your natural energy on track.

  1. Concentration

I am somebody who gets disturbed even with the sound of water dripping out of a tap. Yes, I have concentration issues. So, if you’re someone like me, the only way you can concentrate at work or otherwise is by plugging in your earphones and listening to anything on your playlist. Well, that helps me a lot.

  1. Creativity and productivity

No matter which industry you are in, or what task you are performing, silence never seems to promote productivity. Because music itself is a creative form of art, while you listen to music you feel more creative in the task you are performing, even if it involves cleaning the house. So, the next time you have a tough task at hand, try playing some music that suits the task or lifts your mood.

Listening To Music – I flip songs in my playlist when I travel, when I am work and sometimes even when I sleep. What I sometimes wonder about is, what would become of us, had music not evolved so much through the years.

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