Show-up in an official meeting like a pro!

Should you follow fashion or be formal and serious? Here’s the guide to a woman’s dressing up for an office meeting.

Official meetings always have confusing protocols and dress codes and you don’t know how much is too much. Should you keep it plain and dull or interesting? Should you follow fashion or be formal and serious? Here’s the guide to a woman’s dressing up for an office meeting. Read on:


Pencil pushers:
Keep it formal, yet chic by sporting a pencil (A-line) skirt that flatters your legs in a subtle way. You can opt for brown, tan or grey skirts and give the boring black ones a miss if your office is not too particular about formal wear. The best part about these is, they are feminine and classy, reminding the people of your contribution to the team in an indirect way.


Black pumps:
Whatever else you choose to do, your footwear needs to be a classy pair of black pumps. But the heels need not be taller than 2 inches as that’s the accepted norm at work place at most places. You can go for soft heels if you don’t want distract people with the ‘tak tak’ noise of your shoes.


Crisp white shirt:
Nothing screams ‘I am sexy and I know it’ than a crisp white shirt with only the top button undone. Also, white shirts go very well with pencil skirts and black pumps. But you have to make sure that they are well ironed and starched as crinkly ones will not only look unprofessional, but also bring your personality down by a notch.

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A chic ponytail:
Women are forever confused about the right hairdo for a meeting and end up doing something complicated that is not required for the occasion. What works the best is a chic, sleek ponytail  with a bit of hair spray to keep your strays in place.  If you’re willing to experiment, go for a high ponytail that will flatter your neck and make you look like a hardcore professional who has it all under control.


A pair of studs:
Go for either diamonds or pearls for your ears. But make sure they are a subtle pair of earrings that will stand out and make an impact. As they are going to be your only accessory, along with a wrist watch. Studs look professional, yet feminine. So invest in a decent pair that you can work outside of your work too!

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