8 Things Every Person Whose Name Isn’t Pronounced Correctly Will Relate To!

Mispronouncing Name: Honestly, I don’t like it when anyone pronounces my name.

I’m sure even you don’t like it when others pronounce your good name in an incorrect way. You know what, what hurts the most is, correcting these people every time & yet they don’t pronounce it rightly. Ugh, it feels even worse when they do it in public. (You know what I mean) Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose or they really don’t get it right.

The thing is, no matter how short & simple you think your name is, some people will never get it right.

In my experience, people always add an extra “a” or “m” to stretch it & obviously I don’t like it. So I always have to tell ‘em how it is spelled & pronounced. You know, frankly, we people whose name isn’t pronounce correctly face our share of problems.

Now if you’re someone whose good name is often pronounced incorrectly, then you will certainly relate to these below mentioned points.

  • Hey if you cannot pronounce my name correctly, just call me ___, so that I’ll know you’re talking to me. In anger, we do tell people to call us with “so & so” short name if they seriously face difficulty pronouncing our name correctly. Not just me, I’ve a friend who did this thing.
  • When you dig deep into thinking how so many face difficulty pronouncing your name, that’s when sometimes you think if you could change your name. In your mind, it’s like, changing name will help people pronounce it correctly.

But I doubt that too.

  • Your efforts go in vain. I’ve tried correcting people so many times & yet they haven’t learned. You know, at one point, they say it correctly but after like 5-10 minutes when they call you back, they do it all wrong. I know that’s annoying.
  • When you know you’ve to work with same people & they don’t learn how to call your name correctly, you kind of just give up.
  • Sometimes what happens is, when you’re in public & you know someone calls your name incorrectly, you go ahead & correct them & in the midst of all this, others start talking about how unique your name is. It’s like your name turns into a topic, which is good & umm awkward at times.
  • When someone new ask your name & you actually explain them into pieces, so that they get how to pronounce it in one go.
  • It is a worst scenario when a person who knows how to correct your name correctly, teases you by not pronouncing it correctly.
  • It is a shocking thing when someone you meet gets your name correctly. You be looking at them with wide open eyes & then they wonder “What’s wrong?” It is actually a moment of happiness only you can understand.

Any more points to add? Comment below.

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