Keep your hair moisturised through the day

Follow our tricks to lock in the moisture in your hair all through the day…


Follow these easy tricks to lock in the moisture in your hair all through the day…

1. One of the main reasons why the hair starts feeling dry and lifeless as the day progresses is pollution. If you stay through the day at home, your hair will feel much softer than the days when you step out or go to office. The only solution is to wash them regularly, every alternate day. Don’t let the dirt stay on your head for long as it will gradually damage the quality of your hair severely. 

2. The choice of shampoo also contributes towards the quality and strength of hair. With so many products flooding the market and aggressive adversiting of brands, it is quite obvious to get misled. I have seen people changing their shampoo brand way to often. The instinct behind buying is simply determined by the new product launched in the market. It is needless to say that there is an increasing amount of harmful chemicals that are being fed into the concoction we apply as a shampoo. Always pick up a natural product, preferably with organic ingreadients and you wouldn’t have to worry even if you use it quite often. Over a period of time, the quality of your hair and the moisture in it will be preserved. 

3. Always oil your hair a night before washing. It will lock the moisture in and after the wash, your hair will not feel dry. Repeat this thrice in a week and you will start getting better results soon. If your hair feels severely damaged, then after massaging your sclap and hair with oil, dab a mix of glycerin and aloe vera gel and leave it overnight. 

4. While travelling, always keep your hair covered, specially if you commute by public transport or a bike or a scooter. I have seen it happening to me many times that when I wash my hair, it feels all nice and silky, but the moment I reach office, it loses its moisture and by the time I am home, I feel like washing them all over again. But, if you keep yopur hair covered with a scarf while you travel, you will notice that the hair locks in the moisture for a longer duration. 

5. Whenever you blow dry, always twist your tresses and then put the dried over them. The knots will lock in the moisture and your hair won’t feel dry and frizzy, as what happens generally after a hot blow dry. 

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