7 Dresses Worn By Celebrities That Were Crazy On Another Level

The world of showbiz is crazy and it is hard for all of us to even comprehend what goes inside.

All we see is a lot of craziness thrown at us by these celebrities in one way or another.

One such practice that has been going on there for a while are of crazy red carpet outfits. Though the actresses end up giving us some huge fashion goals at times, they also make us go crazy with some weird trends. Not even trends, but outfits that are weird on so many different levels. There have been times when we saw and went WTF.

Because some dresses are hard to understand like these worn by actresses that were crazy dresses on another level.

Crazy dresses worn by celebs –

1 – Who wears that shit? I mean, why you would even wear clothes if that’s what you are wearing.

Crazy dresses

2 – Was it really for a red carpet event or some fancy dress competition?

Crazy dresses

3 – Now is that a dress or a space man suit? It’s hard to understand its purpose for sure.

Crazy dresses

4 – Lady Gaga is an expert at wearing weird and crazy dresses, isn’t she?

Crazy dresses

5 – How can we forget to feature Lady Gaga’s meat dress while talking about crazy outfits, huh?

Crazy dresses

6 – Here goes Lady Gaga again, trying to be an octopus because that’s what I can figure out of it.

Crazy dresses

7 – A pizza dress, seriously? Looks like she has been dipped in a lot of pizza sauce before she came out.

Crazy dresses

These are crazy dresses worn by celebs – These not-so-ordinary dresses were not meant to be worn, but they surely helped these actresses in creating headlines. So, will you ever try any of these dresses on your own?

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