Stunning Sun Set Eye Shadow By Makeup Artist Is Breaking The Internet!

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Eye shadow – Apart from diamonds and designer clothes, another thing that is a woman’s best friend is make-up. While a lot of women simply misuse the idea of make-up, some others know how to doll up for whatever occasion they are going to.

Now, the world today is ruled by ever-changing make-up and fashion trends. If one week it is something about lips, the next week it goes to the eyes. All trends initially take the whole of the internet by storm, just like the latest trend. This trend pertains to the eyes and eye shadows. It  goes without saying that if you apply an eye shadow perfectly, it only adds volumes to the beauty and elegance of your eyes.

It is needless to say that eye-shadow is an art that is very difficult to master. But this make-up artist named Luna Fortun seems to have taken perfection to another level with her “sunset reflection” eye shadow.

She has perfectly captured a sunset in her eye-shadow art. This requires your eyes to be close. When closed, your eyelids become the half-set ochre yellow sun. She has created the setting sun’s reflection on a water body perfectly also. The eye shadow hues come down to about your cheek bones. She has first highlighted the evening sky with a bright purple and has added a bit of bronze to further highlight the purple evening sky.

Eye Shadow

That has help her capture the bright Technicolor aspect of the evening sky when the sun sets. She has also experimented with other celestial bodies in her eye-shadow art and they are equally breathtakingly beautiful. She has captured a starry constellation in this art of hers.

Eye Shadow

Her rainbow hued eye shadow art has also given us real eye-shadow goals and we can’t seem to take our eyes off this extremely pretty rainbow eyes!

Eye Shadow

Amazing sun and moon themed makeup, hats off to the creativity of the makeup artist.

Eye Shadow

Now this is nature inspired eye shadow, colorful rainbow, ahhmazing isn’t it?

Other similar trends have also been making rounds of the internet and they seem to have won the hearts of millions and we are all trying them on. So, go get your rainbow eyes soon!

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