Career In Real Estate: Of Accomplishing Challenges And Adding Shape To The Country

Career In Real Estate

Career In Real Estate – You move to a new place, look for homes, and the only time when you think good about real estate is when you look for a new place to move to or buy.

The real picture however is quite different when it comes to this sector.

Infrastructure and real estate is an industry that has the potential to change the surroundings look about and the structure of the country.

Making a career in real estate industry can be challenging, and requires skills that are must for an independent business.

We tell you all about making a career in real estate sector.


A general trend to enter the real estate sector, is pursuing a distant education course, post HSC. However, to pursue the technical side of real estate and infrastructure industry, you may have to complete a degree in civil engineering or construction engineering from a reputed engineering college across the country.

Having attained a Bachelor’s you can go ahead with higher studies in MBA or M.Tech, as that would provide you with more job opportunities in this field.

Job prospects

Depending on your qualifications, you would be offered different job roles. For example if you’re a graduate in civil engineering, you could be given a role that requires technical aspects of building and construction. If you possess a MBA, you may be offered the role of a sales manager, sales executives, construction executives etc.

The residential real estate broking sector at present is estimated to have an approximate worth of Rs 2500 crores, and is growing at a rate of 20 to 25 percent per annum. The opportunities in this sector are also highly lucrative.

Pay Package

While a trainee earns as much as 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR, a senior executive in this firm earns around 50,000 INR per month. If hired on a commission basis for the realty and mortgage department in a bank, you will earn according to the number of business relationships you build.

Pros and Cons

P: development and growing physical structure creating more job opportunities, good pay, developing selling skills

C: job is risky, requires extensive travelling, requires prior investment

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