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River Ganga has not only the importance or influences of ancient times. Even in modern India, the influence is in religious and environmental factors. People believe that this holy river can shower blessings of prosperity and well being. But in the eyes of the famous Poets, the river Ganga has been a perspective of strength and ethnicity for the country.

Ancient scripts that mention the Mother Ganga which still exists and flows with her own path streaming through different valleys. While its value according to the poets describes the mystery hidden in the beautiful flow of the Ganges.

In the lap of the Ganges, the famous poets are from the City of Varanasi to the City of Joy. The poets that have given their poems a new horizon with stretches in diversified vision to the holy river.

Famous Poets and influence of River Ganga


Banglar Mati Banglar Jol By Rabindranath Tagore

Whenever the place Bengalis speak or recites about Bengal, it is necessary to mention the famous poem “Banglar Mati Banglar Jol”. Here he mentions the bonding of the Bengal and the ever-flowing river Ganga.

The song was written during the time of British rule when freedom fighters were fighting for independence. It was in 1905 when the song was written to value the spirits of the freedom fighters by Rabindranath Tagore.

It was on the day of Raksha Bandhan that the thread was tied among the freedom fighters to strengthen their bond. Marching to the Ganges they sang the song “Banglar Mati Banglar Jol”, “the soil of Bengal and the water of Bengal.”

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Kapala Kundala By Bankim Chandra, famous poets

Being from the soil of Bengal, Bankim Chandra has been one of the famous poets and writers who wrote about Kapala Kundala. A beautiful novel that describes a village girl who jumps into the river was saved by Nabakumar.

The writer Bankim Chandra mentions the Gangasagar which is the pilgrimage for the people of West Bengal. Whenever Bengal’s rivers are in viewpoint without sketching about the density and liveliness of the Ganga the poem does not achieve the touch nuances.

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Ruposhi Bangla by Jibananda Das

When literature mentions famous poets and writers, Jibananda Das is one who has Ruposhi Bangla in his collections. Here he mentions himself as one of the modern poets.

He writes:

Go where You will, I shall remain on the Shore of Bengal. Here the post introduces the river as “She” which points out as River Ganges. He was a poet who has given his contribution flaunting about the nature of Bengal and ethnicity of river Ganges.

In 1957, the poem “Ruposhi Bangla” was published in Bengali. Bengal still cherishes with pride with the amazing introduction of Bengal and the Ganga.

The pride of the Ganga is immortal through the beautiful poems that famous poets have lined in their poems. Bengal is famous for its soil that has the essence of tradition, patriotism and culture due to the River Ganges. From the lap of Ganges, the poem embellishes the beauty of the soil and the river.



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