11 Hilarious Excuses You Make When You Want to Avoid Taking Shower During Winters

Avoid taking shower during winters

Avoid taking shower during winters  –  The hardest task during the chilly cold grey winter days is to cover the distance from your room to the bathroom and take a bath.

January has dawned upon us and there and the bite of cold beating against the body. Now taking a bath seems like someone is lobbing fidgets of snow and hence we always back out and make excuses. It is more challenging for the office-goers who need to wake up early and take a bath.

There is no denying, we all make excuses are these ones are painstakingly hilarious.

Avoid taking shower during winters –

  1. Come on, Achilles also may have gone unbathed for days:

So did Batman, perhaps! So what’s the fuss about? Learn to chill, peeps!

2. Hot water is like the sea-churned nectar:

With everyone on the prowl for the immersion heater, availability of hot water is under question, so you rather opt out of bathing.

3. Who wants to take a plunge in the Ice-pool?

The normal water turns unapologetically chilly during winters. What next? Your home turning a Siberian glacier. Wtf!

4. No skimpy clothing, no bath:

We do some power-moaning, who is going to see us with those hefty jumpers on? So it really doesn’t matter if we bathed.

5. Then there are the Leonardo de Carp-ios:

They are the type of wannabe daredevils who try and then carp about it. It’s no child’s game to bath in even one degree colder than your favourite temperature, after all.

6. You are too much in love with your blanket:

Who wants to leave the motherly comfort of blanket to take a shower a.k.a personal hell?


7. You would rather sit inside a microwave:

You want everything warm, so there is no question of taking a shower, get a life!

8. Life gives us lemons:

This walk is the toughest, like we have discussed above already.

9. When waking up seems like moving a mountain:

Shower? Forget it, I was not going to wake up in the first place.

10. When someone says bathing is necessary in 7 degrees:

You would rather meditate for hours in bed until they give up on you!

11. It’s so cold that carrots are turning into chilles and lemons are growing pimples inside your clothes:

Well, read between the line guys. *wink*

It’s certainly not fun to take a shower during this biting cold. So, this brouhaha is justified.



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