Simple Eye Make-Up Tips For All The Beginners Out There!

Eye make up tips for all beginners

Eye make up tips for all beginners

Eye Make-Up is an absolute way to make eyes look attractive and beautiful.

It’s an important part of fashion that sparkles the beauty of eyes.

No wonder, perfect look of an eye make-up suitably makes one comfortable. Right? And also, there are others who secretly wish to have an eye make-up done but the only problem is they don’t know how to rock that make-up look.

So, no worry because here are some simple eye make-up tips for all the beginners out there to certainly help look prettier and eye-catching. (Wink!)

  1. Eye Primer
  •  Firstly, make sure to wash your whole face especially eyes so that the face becomes totally fresh.
  • Choose an eye primer that is best suitable for your skin complexion.
  • If you are using a light coloured eye-primer give it seconds to dry properly before applying the eye-shadow.
  1. Eye Shadow
  • Once you’ve applied the eye-primer  make sure you apply it also apply on your brow bone neatly.
  • Later on, apply the eye-shadow (choose any colour you want) and make sure you apply it correctly with your finger or a thin brush which is of better quality.
  1. Eye Liner

Eye liner is playing a major role in terms of adding beauty to the look; and pulling the eye-liner wings seems to be tricky for many girls.

  • If you are using an eye liner pencil then make sure it is sharpen properly otherwise the dull one might spread all over.
  • Use waterproof pencil for your lower lash line.
  • Always start lining up from the inner corner of the eye instead of the outer one to get better result.
  • While making the perfect wing; pull it off smoothly and closely connected to the eye lash-line till the outer corner of the eye.
  1. Applying Mascara
  • Before applying the mascara; just make sure to properly curl your eye-lashes.
  • Later, apply the auto-rotating brush from the root to the tip while applying the mascara.
  • If you have dark eyelashes then you can suitably use black or brown one.
  • Use the wand by moving it slowly to the upwards correctly.
  • Don’t blink after applying the wand for at least seconds until and unless it’s dry.

Ladies, these are some of the simple Eye make up tips for all beginners out there.

Any queries? Do comment below.

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