Famous Myths about Animals That People Believe Even Today

Myths about Animals

Myths about animals – Have you ever thought about the second important creator in our life after humans? Well, the thing that comes to your mind is technology, not a living being. In fact, the human can’t survive without technology other than living beings. So, from where does the question arise about the creators? Surprisingly, this is the common myth come to our mind.

Surely, this is a myth. The people perform various actions only by considering few things. Unfortunately, there are humans who have an age-old thought process even while living in the 21st century. Now, you will say, no I don’t think like that. I never do anything that is not scientifically proven. So, you are right and sometimes wrong also. Being correct is good but what about the wrong apprehensions you still live with?

You guessed it right. I am talking about none other than the animals on earth. Now many people have got the point I am talking about in this post.

So, take a look at famous myths about animals that people believe even today.

  1. Come to a Halt If Cat Crosses the Path

The cat is undoubtedly one of the cute animals in the world. But, there are people who think that a cat must not cross your path. There is a belief that the cat takes away the good luck with her if you come across her. What if, the cat crosses your road while going for an important work? In this situation, you must come to a standstill position, should take five steps back and then move towards your destination.  Else, wait for others to pass by. This will keep your good luck safe.

This is one of the famous myths about animals that people believe even today.

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  1. Howling of Dogs Bring Bad News

The dogs are human’s best friend. But, unfortunately, there are people who find these loving and caring animal annoying. That’s not all. The people also mind the sound of dogs. It comes as a surprise that the people segregate the dogs’ voice into two sections. The one is normal barking of dogs and the second sound made by the dogs is known as howling. Interestingly, the barking of dogs is fine, but people raise an eyebrow by the howling of dogs.

The howling of dogs is one of the famous myths about animals that people believe even today. The humans think that you will hear a bad news if the dog near to you makes the howling sound. Also, it is a possibility that some natural calamity such as an earthquake or a tsunami is likely to occur. Thus, people won’t allow the dogs to howl near themselves.

  1. Owl Brings Good News Related to Finance

Have you seen an owl in dreams? According to the myth, you get money from somewhere if an owl comes in your dream. However, the owl and financial condition have nothing to do with each other. The only thing common between these two is the Goddess Laxmi. Yes, an owl is the transportation mode of goodness Laxmi. Therefore, the people think about money whenever they face some financial crunch and pray to goddess Laxmi for survival. Thus, the mind keeps thinking about the same thing while sleeping. This thought blends with our unconscious mind and turns into a dream. This is when the people catch a glimpse of an owl.

Also, the medical researchers have ruled out this myth. Positioned at number three this is a famous myth about animals that people believe even today.

Myths about Animals

  1. Being Lucky If a Lizard Falls On You

Lizard is one of the weirdest creators of the God. Thus, we all wish to remove her from our place. But, one interesting fact about this animal is that she brings good fortune. In fact, people including me get scared if a lizard falls on us. But, there are people who believe that falling off a lizard is incredibly good. This is one of the famous myths about animals that people believe even today.

  1. Rat Bites Makes You Rich

Being the vehicle of God Ganesha, the rats are well-known to bring professional skills, wealth, health and prosperity with them. Therefore, people take the rat biting activity as an indication of being rich soon.

This is also one of the famous myths about animals that people believe even today.

Myths about Animals

While concluding, this post I would say that animals are also the living beings. Thus, they move from one place to another in search of food and shelter. Therefore, we should not have an ill-faith towards them.



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