Interesting Historical Facts of Computer and Technology


Few interesting historical facts can help us to assume the massive changes and development of computers and technology. Now, our situation is such of a kind that we are standstill without the involvement of a computer. Its history and science together with technology implemented by the inventors who expressed innovative inventions as follows:


ENIAC, first electronic computer

What is the maximum space required to place a computer on your desk? The maximum space it should take of 10 square feet. But this first electronic computer invented by ENIAC required space of 1800 sft. 

Quite pleasant is the time now when we can use computers of different configurations depending on the kind or purpose of work. Computer and technology have contributed to the evolution of fast pace working platform. From updating simple document data to large designs and AI codes operation is possible with different applications. In 1945, when Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer were invented, which upgraded as we see now, till the end of decades. 


 Wooden mouse

Wireless mouse, Wired mouse, pinpointed and USB mouse is all that we have seen. The kids of the 60s and 70s have seen the invention of the first wooden mouse. They witnessed the computer mouse that was invented in 1964 by Douglas C. Engelbart. 

You find the ways of moving cursors on the screens it was first thought of this inventor who figured out using the graphics for the cursor to move on the computer screens. Now we cannot imagine a screen or fingertips on the mouse and screen cursor movements. The popular mouse was the first Macintosh mouse with a rubber ball in the mouse for tracking on the screen.


Free domains 

Domains were free before 1995, this is one of the interesting historical facts that we will like history to repeat. Domains are no longer free now as the demand for websites is increasing with the business of small scale and large scales are expanding with the help of the internet and website.

Before 1995, nothing much was possible with the internet and domains as mostly were limited to local businesses. Online shopping, transactions, and exposure to digital platforms initiated the value of the domains and websites. 

World-Wide-Web-histroical-interesting facts

Web World Wide 

We all use www.example.*** for surfing anything in browsers, and email accounts are the basic necessity for contacting and messaging any person in a few seconds. Did you that email accounts were invented before the concept of www. In 1989, the world wide web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. 

The main aim of WWW was to connect worldwide countries to share effective and important information.  

Another interesting historical fact of computers and technology was the first web browser was used in 1990 that was publicly introduced in 1991.

First Virus Inventor

Every day almost 5000 new viruses are found, few are harmful, and few not. So the virus is not inbuilt, it is created and designed by intelligent hackers. Hackers are paid for their regular activities and inventions on a high scale. Thousands are found now but the first virus was invented by a 15-year-old boy, Creeper who later turned out to become a popular hacker who worked for NASA. 

Apart from these important inventions on the computer, other inventions of computer science include the applications which handle massive business throughout the world. 

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