Are You a 90’s girl? Then You Surely Did Die For These Little Fashion Trends

fashion trends

Fashion trends – Every era has a style statement a flow of fashion which engulfs all the people who are somehow a fan of fashion.

This is commonly seen among girls, the one to get hit by the fashion first are those girl who try to be the most updated version of the ‘stylish themselves’.

Let’s talk about girls from the 90’s and the style elements fashion trends they could literally die for.

I swear; this article is going to make you nostalgic beyond words if you are a girl from the 90’s. Here we go!

Fashion trends – 

1 – Best-friend Lockets:

Remember the same bands, pendants, rings or chains you and your best-friend had? The one which when together made complete words and sentences; wasn’t this the best thing you ever gifted to your best-friend. You know how much it meant to you, don’t you? I am somewhat sure that you still have something like this with you even now if you’re from the 90’s.

2 – Chokers:

This is style from the 90’s is one of the styles which came, went and then came back again in all its glory. Earlier these chocker designs were limited to the ones made with thin crossing wires but now it does have a lot of options and designs. The 90’s girls know the real struggle of owning one of those!

fashion trends

3 – Bell-bottom Jeans:

These were one of the sexiest, trendiest and the most fashionable type of jeans back at that time and girls were actually crazy for this one. This style went too much in the fashion-air that even men started wearing this sort of jeans. Do you remember owning one?

fashion trends

4 – Poster of your Walls:

This was being classy, being cool and being the boss if you had posters on your room wall of your favorite bands or actors etc. The more limited edition posters you had the more popular and updated you were. It was classy to own posters!

fashion trends

5 – Color-pen Set:

Oh God! Who from the 90’s can forget the trend of doodling? Every 90’s girl was crazy for a big and bigger set of colored gel pens. And especially the one which had fluorescent colors in them because only the branded and expensive ones had those colors which were a part of being elite that time and hence, everybody was drooling over them.

fashion trends

6 – Multicolor Pen:

These pens were very creatively compact and stylish to carry. Some of them even had lights and charms in them; some had charms in the upper body of the pen which was filled with some liquid that made it cooler. Carrying it in your pencil-box was savage back then. Wasn’t it?

fashion trends

7 – Butterfly Hairclips:

These were really trendy those days and heavily available in the market. People used to get innovative during their making as well as in their use. Some hairclips had glitter; some had springs while some had multicolor in them. Girls used to apply thesewith different hairstyles which indeed were in the fashion air for a long time.

Nostalgic? I completely get it because this is something all of you from the 90’s can relate to very easily. These things are a proof that time literally flies and we should feel lucky that we have been a part of such era switches. It’s great to be part of two era’s simultaneously, one in the heart one in the present air. Isn’t it?


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