What To Wear To Sulafest 2014!

The most happening wine tasting of the year is happening this weekend (February 1 and 2). From gourmet food to sparkling wine to groovy music to fashion shows, the Sulafest 2014 promises to be a one helluva affair. Here’s what you can wear at the event.

The most happening wine tasting of the year is happening this weekend (February 1 and 2) and everybody seems to be gearing up to have a fabulous time at the Sulafest. From gourmet food to sparkling wine to groovy music to fashion shows, this year promises to be a one helluva affair. While you are at that, might as well figure out what clothes to wear in order to look super cool at the event. We have drummed up a quick list, take a look:

Colourful dresses:
For a fun day event like this, it’s always better to wear colourful dresses in gorgeous prints that flatter your body type. Go for funky cuts for that zing and long-sleeved dresses so that you don’t get burnt in the sun. Wear a pair of smart shades or shoes to offset the quirkiness of your dress. Summer dresses look great on lean as well as bottom-heavy women, so it has to be the obvious choice of outfit for you this Sulafest!



Skip your usual shorts for a pair of vibrant rompers in interesting cuts and colours. They will look casual, chic and very wine tasting-y. Rompers are great for dancing the night away too! Just make sure that they aren’t too skimpy or short and pair them with the right pair of shoes. While khaki green rompers were a hit last season, this year belongs to neons and prints. Go all out and experiment!


Jeans and tee:

If you want to choose comfy over fashion, go for the classic jeans and tee combo. You’ll be able to walk around more, will be protected from the sun and will be able to dance without worrying about your dress hitching up or romper popping out. You could funk it up a bit by choosing unusual tees and cropped pants in rich shades. While the blue jeans and white shirt look will look uber chic, experimenting will make you stand out.


Wedges over heels:

Wedges are not only more practical for dancing and walking around the vineyard, but also better for your back. You can choose from a wide range of colours to add the much needed pop to your outfit, if your outfit is rather plain Jane. But if you’re going for rompers, go for nude wedges to make your legs seem even more longer than they are.


The colour red:

It’s said that most people prefer to wear red or shades of red to feel ‘one’ with the wine tasting and other gala events. Red is also an energetic and buoyant colour that works well both during the day and night. But keep the rest of your outfit casual and sober so that the red stands out against the rest.


Pro tip: If you’re into wines and want to make the most of the Sulafest, skip your usual perfumes and fragrances. As those can interfere with the aroma of the wines!

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