Train Travel Can Take A Toll On Your Food Habits, But Not Any More!


You love those compartmental seating arrangements and the scenic rides while travelling long distances in a train. You just love everything about the locomotive, but the food. The food, more often than not, is a misfit for your palette.

Now you need not quiver at the thought of having a meal in the train.

Railtiffin.com started by Harshit Jain and Piyush Bothra who had years of experience in several businesses and are well-qualified management graduates has come to be a success as mostly people do not get much choice when it comes to having their meals at their seats in a train.

More than 10 million passengers travelling by the train everyday find it difficult to munch through the blunt meals offered to them by the train authorities. But Piyush and Harshit have kept the ordering process pretty simple and the best part is that you do not have to worry about the food quality as less than six months into the business, the company has been able to further its reach to around 135 stations and more than 3500 trains, handing over 200 food packages daily. Railtiffin.com is traditional only in its approach to good food but uses the latest Internet technology for making it simple for people to order their food by booking a meal on their website using the PNR number on their ticket or directly calling their customer service number.

Railtiffin tean

Railtiffin tean

While delays in train arrivals and departure are a commonplace in India, Railtiffin.com ensures that these delays do not hamper the passenger’s meal timings and affect food wastage. Keeping track of train schedules and rescheduling the meal to reach the customers at the previous station at the appropriate time is what this company practises so that they can have their appeal to a phenomenal number of customers and never lose them. Vendors carry this food across more than 135 stations even dealing with train delays.

This is only because Railtiffin.com has provided updated and proper information to the vendors regarding the train schedules, making guaranteed, timely food delivery a never-missed possibility, food that is fresh, hot and ready to be served right then and there.

Railtiffin Food

Railtiffin Food

The team has only 15 members who manage duties ranging from customer servicing to selling their food and marketing the company product to even catering to the technological updates to proper management of food delivery by vendors. The funding has been made possible through funding by an agent investor and has even made it easier for customers to make payments through just a link at Instamojo.com.

The railtiffin.com website has also introduced a rating system which enables to track the performance of the vendors and induces a customer engagement through feedback mechanism.

Never before has train journey involved ordering good quality online food and getting it delivered in a train! Harshit and Piyush emerge to be inspirations for people to explore their field of interests and keep their options open and do something about the issues they care about. The duo has had several gruelling first-hand accounts of train journey, especially with food. They had always felt that with long distance journeys, there have been limited choices and an access to healthy and tasty food always had to be foregone. Such experiences provoked them to come up with a full-proof solution as the problem had existed since a long time now without much of an alternative.

Though there are other such online travel food options that have sprung up, Railtiffin.com is the only one and a class apart from others in offering guaranteed food delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention as well as building new client base with each passing day. The hygiene, quality, delivery as well as the presentation and leak-proof packaging all are managed by vendors who understand the importance of these and are capable of carrying out a logistic procedure of this kind. Food is served only through the train window in the little time that a train halts at a station; however customers who have had food ordered through them can blindly rely on them for timely delivery of superior quality food.

Such is their confidence on their service that the company offers a promise of money return to the extent of 200%. The customers too reflect this confidence with a positive feedback and greater response! So have you ordered your meal from Railtiffin.com yet while experiencing a long-distance train journey?

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