Here Are Some Simple And Natural Ways To Get Rid of Annoying Blackheads

Simple Ways To Get Rid of Blackheads

Are you finding Simple Ways To Get Rid of Blackheads?

Are you annoyed of using abrading pore strips, irritating sharp tools, and other chemical-based products to remove those pesky ugly blackheads?

Then worry not as there are many easy and natural ways which are affordable, effective and safe to the skin as to get rid of stubborn blackheads.

Follow these tips and tricks to shoo away all blackheads and prevent from getting back:

1. Wash your face twice daily.

The major cause of pores and heads is dirt. So you have to take care of your skin by washing it twice that’s in the morning and at night.

But note that after washing your face follow up with good facial moisturizer as skin goes all dry after washing and this dryness leads to over-producing of oils which cause blackheads. Also, you can keep clean wipes handy for removing excess oils and dirt if you are out the whole day.


2. Wash your pillowcases and check your sleeping pattern.

Pillow-covers absorb in dead skin cells and excess oil from face and this dirt again transfer from fabric to skin. So do not forget to wash them once a week at least.

Also how you sleep affects the development of blackheads. If you sleep sideways then this leads to friction against the bed and pillow and this leads to skin issues.


3. Try a lemon and salt exfoliant

Lemon’s astringent factor helps to remove dirt and heads from our face. And granules of the salt act as a great purifier. so scrubbing of this paste leads to removal of all dirt and grime from deepest of pores as well.

Apply, scrub and rinse off the exfoliant with warm water. If you want you can add a tablespoon of yogurt and a bit of honey o the lemon and salt paste. Also, note that you can steam your face before doing scrubbing above to open up the pores for deeper cleaning 


4. Use baking soda and toothbrush to exfoliate

Baking soda does wonders in cleaning process as it one of the natural cleansers and that’s why it helps to clean out pores and grimy dead skin cells too.

Take little amount of baking soda and a bit of water to create a paste, and then gently scrub in a circular motion overheads affected areas of your face and slowly exfoliate the parts with a toothbrush. Allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes and later rinse off and dab the area dry with a clean cloth.


5. Egg White Mask

Egg whites mask is one the simple ways to get rid of blackheads for it aids to tighten pores, thus leading to removal and reducing chances of blackheads.

If you are not very cool with the egg, then you go for cinnamon and honey face mask or a mask made of turmeric powder, milk, and red sandalwood. These masks are also equally effective.


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