When Jim Carrey Drew His Most Disturbed Trump Cartoon Yet

This Canadian-American Actor-Activist is known for a lot of things. His slapstick performances can bring the house down and his cartoons too grab eyeballs for their quirky approach. Jim Carrey has recently drawn a cartoon of the US President Donald Trump that he shared online on Friday.

The cartoon definitely tickles the funny bones of the internet users as Jim Carrey called the birth of US President Donald Trump “The real state of emergency”. His artistic reimagining of the President’s birth at the Jamaica Medical Center in Queens, New York in 1946 was galactically uproarious. He added a spunky comment to his painting, “Definitely not human”.

This is not the first time Jim Carrey released something anti-Trump. This cartoon is just another addition to his trailblazing anti-Trump pieces. He released it moments after the President’s declaraction of a National Emergency which was a price for his faulty proposal of U.S Mexico Border Wall.

President Donald Trump’s declaration of National Emergency made a Washington Ethics Group to sit up in alarm and sue him. They challenged the legality of the National Emergency Declaration of Donald Trump.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington claimed that President Donald Trump doesn’t have any legal authority to invoke emergency powers over a border wall. They filed a lawsuit against Trump alleging that the Department of Justice failed to provide documents supporting Trump’s legal authority to exercise that ginormous right!

Jim Carrey has taken jibes over Donald Trump recently for energy issues, climate change and stewarding the longest U.S Government shutdown in history. The ‘kidding’ star has a strong ulnar nerve, one must say!

Jim Careey has long been targetting Trump with his hilarious and blunt political cartoons that became widely popular across the internet in no time. Back in 2018, he even opened exhibition of his political cartoons at Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles, “is really a revisitation, a re-gifting of my childhood. It’s become a political thing at the moment because I think that’s necessary. But it’s a thing that’s been in my life, my whole life.”, he said in an interview after the event.

He has a fascinating timeline in his Twitter feed where he has depicted the President Trump as a clown, a cyclops, a pig, a witch and a kinky ice-cream eater among other unflattering moguls.

In a recent drawing, he disfigured Trey Gowdy, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, into a slack-jawed rat set against a background of red and blue scribbles.

However, here are some of the masterpieces of Jim Carrey on President Trump as picked up from his Twitter timeline.

Here are some more:

Finally, here is the tweet that sparked a good laughter:

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