A Small Eatery For GenX – A Good Business Idea Or Not?


GenX needs a lot when it comes to recreation and rejuvenation!

They are demanding newer avenues. They are asking for more and more.

The usual, eating business may have the nerve of youth with various urban pubs and restaurants, but with the rising imbalance in the nation’s economy, it is becoming challenging for the youth too, to maintain the kind of lifestyle they want.

Sophisticated, happening, youthful, modern and upbeat, and yet low cost eateries are the need of the hour for the youth today.

Yet, there are many factors enveloping the idea of a successful eatery.

We all know that, with the rise in lifestyle choices, Competition is fierce in the restaurant business. Making a small restaurant profitable amid an economic downturn and national decline in dining out is a challenge. Even for a small eatery, creating efficiencies in the operations, marketing and management are the keys to generating revenue. Profitable small eatery owners asses their businesses frequently, then implement strategies to continually drive downs costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Here are 5 imperative factors that affect the food business for small eatery for genX and how one can control them, if they want to make it a good business idea:

  1. Streamlining The Operations

It is important to streamline the operations if you really want to make it a profitable business. Overhead expenses like food, supplies and payroll must be evaluated weekly to ensure maximum output and minimum waste. Also, the point to be noted is that the first-in-first-out, or FIFO, system cuts the cost of perishable goods by using a rotation system in which older food is used first to curb waste. A closely monitored payroll helps plan staffing needs and reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary work hours. Keeping track of profit and loss through accurate accounting is paramount to operational success. Successful owners access their performance trends regularly, making necessary changes to generate profit. If you wish to own and run a profit making eatery for GenX, make sure you comply with this.


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