Live Betting in India: What to Look For


Gambling has evolved to allow players to have different games and methods with which they can place bets. One of those innovations that came with the dawn of the internet is live betting.

Like the name, live betting is when you place your bets on a game while the match is in progress. That differs slightly from what was common before now. In the past, Indian players could only place their bets on games before they start. Now, punters also have the opportunity to place bets in UPI casinos on games during the match. That is, you can make predictions on a game as you watch the action unfold before your eyes. It doesn’t matter where you are watching the game; whether it’s from the comfort of your house or at a stadium, you can place your bets and have fun at the same time.

Live betting brings with it a convenient method of betting. You will even find it more convenient if you place the bets from your mobile phone. In this article, you will see what it entails to live in India.

Which Sports Can you place live bets on?

Live betting or not, gambling online is just the same as ever. The only difference now is the thrills that come with live betting. With that said, you can have live bets on almost all sports that allows regular betting; these include:


Cricket is one of the biggest sports in India. Every season, between March and May, India’s IPL attracts bettors from all over the country trying to improve their livelihood. Today in India, thanks to the internet, there are several online casinos where you can bet legally without getting scammed. To make things even interesting, many of these online casinos allow punters to bet live on cricket. 

The following are some examples of live bets you can place in crickets:

  • Over/under 1st Innings Runs – X Over, Y Ball: This is a situation where you bet the number of runs the batting team will score on every ball during the match. The thing to note here is, this bet changes with every delivery.
  • Over/under 1st Innings Team Runs: this bet type is where you predict if the batting side will go over or below a particular score.
  • 1st Innings Total Sixes and 1st Innings Total Fours: in this type of bet, you focus on how many boundaries both teams will score during the first innings of the game.
  • 1st Innings X Over-Runs: With this type of bet, you predict the number of runs that the teams will score in all innings. The thing about this bet is, it changes with every over in the match.
  • 1st Innings X Over Odd/Even:  This is like guessing the number of runs that the batsmen will score during an over in a match. But then, this type is even simpler. Instead of going through the long shot of predicting the exact number, you only need to indicate if it’s odd or even.
  • Batsman Runs:  Here, your job is to tell correctly in which run a particular batsman will win. Like most other bets, it comes with over or under marks, so you can tell if a player will cross some number or remain below the line.

Football live betting

Football is one of the famous sports in India after cricket. Unlike cricket, live betting in football comes with many exciting features. First, you consider that the football season is more prolonged and so you have more games and more opportunities to win something. Add that to the fact that there are so many things to bet on during the 90 minutes of the game.

As a punter looking at football live bets, the following are some examples you can pick:

  • 1×2: this is by far the most straightforward of all. Choosing this in a live bet means you are betting on either team to win. If, on the other hand, you think it would end in a draw, you can also place your bets in this regard from how you see the games unfold.
  • 1×2 1st Half/2nd Half: this is almost the same as the above. The only twist here is that you are betting on the results of either the first or second half rather than the entire match. So, you predict who will win or lose or, better still, if it’s going to be a draw at the end of either the first or the second half.
  • Total Goals Over/Under: Here, you predict if the number of goals in a match will reach a point or they’ll be over a score. For example, picking over 2.5 for a game means you predict that the goals in that game will be above 3 for both teams. While if you choose under 3.5, what you are saying is the match will end with a maximum of 3 goals from both teams.
  • Total Goals 1st Half Over/Under: This is just like the above, only that your predictions are either for the first or second half.
  • Exact Score: This is usually the most profitable of all. At the same time, it’s the most dynamic. Your job here is to predict the outcome of the game based on both teams’ live performances.

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