Parents Let Internet Decide the Name of Their Baby

Not always do you see the name of a baby getting decided on the Internet. Well, there are exceptions. Just like this one!

How often do you see the name of a baby gets decided on the Internet? Not often, right? Well, that is exactly what happened with one of the couples. Keep reading… 

A couple decided to let the Internet name their child.

The father built a website to acquire help for naming his daughter. Besides the first name, the couple also decided to let voters decide for her middle name too.  Stephen McLaughlin, the father, went ahead with his innovative idea in spite of the perils associated with it.   

After the baby’s birth the parents announced the name and it is not weird at all. The new born was named Amelia. The couple also opted for two middle names- Savannah Joy. However, this enterprise has its disadvantages too. Internet is the place that suggested Goatse and rendered Rebecca Black a star. In addition to this there was the Justin Bieber and YouTube controversy. 

The website built by McLaughlin was namemydaughter.com.

Random users began suggesting names that were crazy, such as, “Cthulhu All-Spark McLaughlin” and “Streetlamp Le’ Moose McLaughlin.” Not that any of those choices really had a chance to begin with, as Stephen made clear in his announcement of the naming contest. Wisely enough, McLaughlin decided to take the final call. He had announced earlier that he and his wife will have the final call to decide on the name. So in spite of all the weird names coming in, they needn’t worry, because they had the veto to chuck them off. 

Amidst a plethora of names ‘Amelia’ was a name that was a contender for the top spot. The popularity of this name is deeply related to “Doctor Who” companion Amelia Pond. 

The baby was finally born on April 7, 2014; but the parents decided to wait a bit more before naming their daughter and announcing it on the Internet. The newborn was finally named Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin. Despite being the most voted name “Cthulhu” was ignored for the second best ‘Amelia.’ 

Although risky and a bit weird but the experiment was successful to a great extent.

And thankfully, the baby has been spared the horror of being named Stormageddon Salad McLaughlin!

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