5 Funny Illustrations That Show The True Side of You v/s What You Are On Social Media:

duel personality

Duel personality – Social media has become the inner breath of current lifestyle and we build our lives around it. But that’s the way of life now.

There are instagrammers who would click pictures of his food and grapple with the right angle for minutes before tasting it, then there are people who will inundate our news feed with pictures from their personal lifestyle without caring who bothers. Not to mention, vying for likes and comments drive them bonkers. But this one begs a question, is they live in the same reality compared to what they portray in the social media? May be not.

Here are some illustrations of duel personality that validate our judgment. Take a look.

Duel personality – 

1  Instagram v/s Real life

This illustration is the perfect depiction of what we are in real life v/s what we are in Instagram. Think again, was the lust for branded clothes and accessories as deep before Instagram existed? It’s the age and time to show off and who’s complaining.

2  Rockstar

We are all rockstars in the social media forefront and a couch potato in reality. That’s the way we roll!

3  Couples

There is a hashtag doing rounds in social media called couple goals. Now, the elephant has 2 sets of teeth, one it eats with another it shows and this reference sums our reality up.

4  Social Media

Gone are the days of billboards and advertisements, social media marketing has left every other form of marketing in tizzy. This illustration completely briefs up the part and parcel of social media marketing.

5   LOL

Now remind yourself when was the last time you laughed out loud in reality and didn’t have to use this acronym with a straight face in social media chats?

These duel personality illustrations are hauntingly true and we are caught in the cobweb of social media like a helpless prey.

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