These Sex Positions Will Put Your Manhood In A Complete Danger

Unsafe Sex positions

“Unsafe sex positions”– Doing sex and experiencing the sex-positions is not a big-deal. But yeah, trying some of the dangerous ones can literally hurt you.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re a master in trying those positions and so on but if you’re keener into using the unsafe ones then it can break you penis easily. Yes, it won’t be that hard to believe because injuries while having sex are mostly common.

Many think it is because of the chosen spaces but it’s not always the place.

There are few unsafe sex positions that can easily break-your-penis and therefore be careful before it gets too late.

Even though it seems pleasurable just don’t try giving a shot to these unsafe sex positions.

Check ‘em out: –

  1. Woman On Top

Many men love trying this position but in reality it is risky.

Why: – If a woman sits on top of the erect penis with a certain force and if a penis suffers wrong way penetration then it will leave the part in a complete pain.

It is most risky because the penile fractures start taking place once she sits on the top.

Unsafe sex positions

  1. The POGO stick

Alright! It is quite obvious that this position allows you to take up all her weight on you and the fact that you’re leaning backward plus bouncing her can be harmful for both of you.

Why: – It can lead you to cause a major back-pain later. Plus, the bouncing part will result into highly damaging the penis.

Unsafe sex positions

  1. Doggy Style

According to the research, doggy style is the most-loved position while having sex.

Why: – It is risky because the force that you use results into causing penile fractures more and more. Well, doing it forcibly can also result into tearing up the vagina which is totally bad.

Unsafe sex positions

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is often tried while having sex but it’s not that good as you think it is.

Why: – Reverse cowgirl, a position where a woman is backwards on top of the man can be harmful because a man can experience penile fractures.

Unsafe sex positions

  1. Table Sex

Bed is a safest place to have sex with complete benefits as compared to table or other places.

Why: – Table sex is bad because it can give you injuries. Not just table but chair or shower can also be a bad place to have sex.

Unsafe sex positions

  1. The Swiss Ball Blitz

The Swiss ball blitz might seem enjoyable but later the enjoyment will turn into pain.

Why: – The Swiss ball includes a lot of up & down acts but if mistakenly the penis comes out and if she steps on your part then it is “too-hard-to-deal” with the pain.

Unsafe sex positions

The small mistakes while having sex can entirely break your penis so be careful in all terms.

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