The Weirdest and Wildest Car Collection of the World

The automobile industry flushes us with anticipation that something new is scheduled to be introduced. It has been driving innovation and catered to us some iconic cars. In the period of 125 years, while the automobile industry has been around, we were introduced to some simply wild, wacky or weird vehicles too. Innovation taken a bit too far? Well, some of those technologies continue to live-on even today. Here are some weird cars that we still gawp at:

World’s largest SUV:

It symbolises a 10 wheeler truck, usually deployed by the US Army, belongs from the Jeep Wrangler category. The car is powered by 15.2 litre Caterpillar Diesel engine with 600 horse power. It brings its headlights from a Ford F-series super duty and rear lights from a Dodge Dart. This car is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamadan Al Nahyan who is not an ordinary billionaire.

The Giant Land Rover Series III:

The Emirates National Auto Museum, which is about an hour from Abu Dhabi, houses an enormous life-like replica of Land Rover Series III which makes a Nissan Patrol appear like a grasshopper.

Mercedes-Benz W116 monster truck:

The car is a brainchild of Rainbow Sheikh, Hamad Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan, who translates his wildest dreams into reality because he has a lot of fortune at his disposal. He, decidedly turned a Mercedez Benz W116 into a monster truck which is parked in front of the museum but sadly, have never turned a wheel.

Mercedes-Benz R107 SL:

It seems like Rainbow Sheikh has a fascination for rainbows which earned him the nickname. Many of the cars in his collection consequently come with rainbow accents. Every part of this car in question has is gold-plated and the flag-ports hint that it was driven in parades and other special events.

Datsun 280ZX:

If you visit Rainbow Sheikh’s museum, you will find several Japanese Sports Cars in there. There, you will locate this Datsun 280ZX which is one of the last examples built while the leather upholstery suggests that it’s a high-spec model. It was imported from the US and drawing attention of the visitors ever since.


The two-seater vehicle was built in Japan back in the year 1998. There are no additional information that has been found out about this car. The Emirates Museum also steers clear of divulging any information about the cars in its collection.

Ford Crown Victoria:

In 2019, bigger numbers of Ford Crown Victoria registered in the Gulf countries than in New York City. The Sheikh’s collection boasts of two of the nicest ones around. In this picture, you can see a car which appears like a taxi from the Los Angeles area.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am:

This is one of the notable second generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am muscle cars that is available in the museum. The car comes equipped with T-tops and it was shipped from the US in a like-new condition.

The Rainbow Sheikh’s compulsion for cars is really laudable. These are quite our idea of dream cars.

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