6 Interesting Ways To Make Up With Your GF After A Heated Argument!

Ways To Convince GF

Ways To Convince GFArguments are worst.

Especially, when you’re arguing with your GF, and in the end, she goes out slamming the door. It gets worse and sometimes the techniques you guys use makes it even more worse. Well, a relationship needs a proper understanding, but I get it, that in the midst of a heated argument, understanding takes a whole new turn. But, leaving it that way is not good, right? I mean, I know girls are little hard to understand or little hard to convince, but it’s not something that is impossible, right? So, each and every time when you’ve a heated argument and you sit down thinking “Oh God, what do I do now?” Just stop thinking and use these techniques as quickly as you realize your mistake.

Trust me; it works.

Note – Please don’t say anything louder if she tries to shout and stretch words/topics etc.

Here are 6 absolute ways to convince GF quickly.

  1. Sit down and talk it out

Well, every girl wants that her BF should understand her and listen to her words carefully. So, when things seems to be cooled down, take her and sit down somewhere, and ask her “Darling, what’s the problem?”, “Why are you getting so mad?”. Now, once she starts telling you everything, do not interfere. And then when you know the problem, talk it out and find a solution. Simple, isn’t it?

  1. Give her a tight hug

Go towards her and without uttering a word, give her a tight hug. Make her feel special and make her feel safe. Trust me; a hug is like an absolute magic which works amazingly. Give her a hug and I bet that everything will slowly calm down.

  1. Use a romantic line

Guys, how many of you have done this? Seriously, you know what, sometimes when you say a perfect romantic line, the girls have no clue and their heart melts. It automatically becomes that “Awwww” moment. Say something like “Your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet me”? It might make her laugh, but it’s a sweet gesture to make things alright.

  1. Bring out your funny side

Trust me guys, this one is simply amazing. Go towards her and make funny expressions and try hard to make her laugh. Once she starts laughing, you’ll get back with her. 😉 You know what, this little thing will make you both forget the fight.

  1. Pen down sweet words

Guys, it might take a little effort, but trust me, it’s worth. All you need is a pen and piece of papers. Write down cheesy lines, romantic ones, make it funny as well, and pass ‘em to her. Even though she’s angry, I bet that she’ll read the papers.

What more do you want? She’ll end it up laughing or maybe she’ll say “Stop it! You’re so crazy” but all in a good way. 😉

  1. Sing a romantic song

Totally romantic… Sing the words loud, and look at her, then give your dirty or romantic expressions, and make it happen. I bet that she’ll turn around and give up too. 😉 And if this doesn’t work, then start making her favorite dish.

These were the ways to convince GF. Girls, do you have any personal points to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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