Sex And Sweets! What Is The Connection?


Hello, you all chocolate  and candy addicts!

So, you have been gobbling  those drool-worthy chocolate cubes and munching on the candies before going to bed, simply because they calm you down, right?

And chocolates, hard and syrupy, have played integral characters in your steamy bedroom stories, I am sure!

Well, so to say, sugar and spice and everything nice may be a traditional saying, but sugar can actually take a devastating toll on your sex life. And not just because it adds pounds, there are many other reasons to that!

Scientists have long been trying to understand sweets effects on the body. In the year 1931, an observation was brought to surface by Dr. Otto Warburg, who discovered the correlation between sweet and cancer cells. His observations shook the entire scientific community. Yet, the discovery could not hold back the human species from consuming the sweet bounties, the sweet lovers that we are!

In fact, the consumption of sweets have risen  drastically since the 1930s, and we are definitely paying the price for it now.

In this flow down, I am going to discuss the relation between sex and sweets, and nothing else.

There is a huge connection between the two. Whether it’s negative or positive, let’s find out.

The First Deliverance – The Trouble In Sex Hormones 

Now, if you are a human, and your are indulging in sex, no one will ever have to teach you the importance of testosterone and estrogen. They are the sex hormones present in man and woman, which basically makes them a man and a woman.

At the Child and Family Research Institute at Vancouver Canada, a team of researchers along with Dr. Geoffrey Hammond, conducted a few studies on the connection between sweet and sex, and found out that sugar undergoes transformation in the liver and the liver becomes inundated with glucose and fructose. The sugar then changes into lipids, which, when produced in excess, turn off the sex hormone binding globulin gene, also known as SHGB.

This particular gene, responsible for the whole fuss between sugar and sex, produces some peculiar proteins which get attached to our sex hormones and push them off in the blood flow. Now the catch here is that the hormones which are not attached to these proteins produced by SHGB, they enter the cells and become active in the blood-flow, rest are wasted.

The more sugar one eats, more SHGB and proteins are produced thereof, and more sex hormones are killed.  Therefore, it is simple that too much sugar means that greater amounts and the wrong balance of these hormones, which can then get through and start affecting the sex life adversely.

The Imbalance – The Appropriate Meaning

Now, if you are consuming too much of sweets, and you are suffering from this imbalance, this is what it means.

  • Loss of Sex Drive – Too Bad!
  • Deteriorated Energies -Not Good For Professional And Personal Life
  • Increased Risk of Polycystic Conditions In Women – Do Not Go That Way
  • Erectile Dysfunction In Men – Sad Stories Forever
  • Uterine Cancer In Women – Nothing Can Be Worse
  • Possibly Prostate Cancer In Men – Do I Have To Spell The Trouble Here?
  • Weight Gain – Which Indirectly Affects The Sex Life Adversely
  • Infertility Or Sterility – No Family?
  • Inflammation – Body Goes For A Toss
  • Facial Hair In Women – I Wouldn’t Have To Pronounce, How It Affects Sex
  • Decreased Testicular Size In Men – Hmmm, This Is Really Serious!


And this is not all, there are many other direct and indirect effects of sweets on our body, which the scientists are still studying. But the common fact which makes it particularly dangerous is that this is in conjunction with an excess of sugar, which already causes a lot of issues in our bodies.

If you already know that you are suffering from an imbalance of sex hormones, you must curb down your sweet consumption. In most cases of hormonal imbalance, people tend to get prescriptions from the doctor, when they wish to improve on their sex life, but the sad part is that they forget to treat the root, or they are not aware of the root. The medications may help control some of the primary side effects of too much sugar and a lack of SHGB, but it does not prevent the damage happening to your liver and sex life.

What Exactly Do You Need To Do Save Your Sex Life?

If at all you wish to have an amazing and prolonged sex life, there is only one advice for you:


And that counts both natural and artificial sources of sugar.

Now if I am allowed to say that, speaking from my own experience, you would start to feel like a 16 years old with the sex drive on the 9th sky!

Stop using sweets as antidepressants! Use sex for that purpose!

Also, drinking a lot of water, when you know your sweet intakes are high, helps to flush out the additional sugar content getting consumed in the body.

An additional piece of advice before I sign off,  if you struggle with hormonal imbalances, you should avoid soda religiously! The carbonation combined with high sugar and high fructose corn syrup cause enough damage on their own to take blood off the pavement. Imagine what can to your liver and sex life!

Hopefully, with some small (but serious) life changes, you can see the fireworks back to the grand finale once more.

Happy hormones to you 🙂

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