5 Reasons Why Guys From Mumbai Are Awesome

Guys from Mumbai

Guys from Mumbai – Only recently we did a piece on why living in Mumbai is better than living in any other metropolitans in India. Yes, there are more than ten reasons to love the most happening city in the world. However the best things that sets Mumbai apart from the others is the culture. After all it is the culture we’re brought up in, which makes us what we are today.

This comes straight from the heart of a person, who’s travelled to a number of places in India, met people from almost all the parts and now expresses why guys from Mumbai are the best people to be with. Read on!

1. Always engaged in something new

Now that this place is the financial capital of the country, it’s never low on offering jobs. Else why do you think people from other parts flock to Mumbai? Guys here don’t really have the time to spend for anything that’s unimportant. They’re brainy, witty and charismatic. They can come up with great ideas even when talking to you (could be on a date as well), unlike guys from Delhi or Bangalore who just know to slog at work at their IT parks.

2. All richy rich

Every guy you meet in Mumbai has money, even engineers. Yes, those whose contemporaries in other cities rant and crib about their salary giving them a hard time, never fail to enjoy their lives here. What else could be the reason that it’s such a happening place?

3. No judging or chancing

Girl goes out in an office party, drinks beer, Bangalore guy- Aiyyo! She’s so not a wife material.
Girl goes out in an office party, drinks beer, Delhi guy- She’s hot! (talks to a friend) Do you think I stand a chance?
Girl goes out in an office party, drinks beer, Mumbai guy- Yo girl!(high fives) Up for another pint?
Meanwhile, guy from Kolkata is busy digging into his Ilish maach.
Need I say more?

4. Sense of fashion

Because they are not always working and because they live in the centre of entertainment and fashion industry, they know it all. How to dress up according to the occasion- party, date, work or weddings. Unlike those from other parts of the country who are either busy buying floral shirts or are always seen in a formal outfit, no matter what the occasion is.

5. Easy to get along

Because they are all open minded and don’t judge you for anything and everything you do, guys from Mumbai are easy to get along with. They’re helpful and the most amzaing lot of people you’ll ever come across. And yes, you have to be totally witty, if you want someone to ask you out on a date. They don’t really care much, if you’re all dressed up or good looking, but you need to be intelligent to get their attention.

The best thing that sets guys from Mumbai apart from others is their spirit. Guess now you know what sets them apart from the rest of the lot. Good luck, people.

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