5 Lingerie Styles That Will Steam-up Your Bedroom Scene Like Anything!


Style 2 – Stripper’s Possessions In Bold

Now if you ask, what exactly is this, then I would say, this is a no brainer. The less you have on your body, the hotter you look. Skimpy little sexy pieces of colour and charm, add to a night of excitement! However, when it comes to color there is a way to enhance your sex appeal. You need to keep in mind the atmosphere. If you are in your bedroom with your partner, and plan to do just a dirty dance with the lights on, then stick to combos of black and red, black and purple, or black and pink. Thongs and pasties are best for this type of ambiance. If you are on for a chair dance number or a lap dance to seduce your bae a little more, then try wearing booty shorts (hip hugging sexy short hot pants); they will make your booty look more amazing and leave a bit more to the imagination. If you decide to keep the lights low or off and you just have candles for the company, then pick an outfit that is bright neon. Also, if you and your partner are freaky enough to have stripper poles at home, then please do invest in a black light; that combined with the neon will look HOT enough to explode a volcano!


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