5 Lingerie Styles That Will Steam-up Your Bedroom Scene Like Anything!


Style 5 – Playful Lingerie For Those Role Play Nights

Ever indulged in a role play? Well, you must! Possess some of those sexy role playing outfits like the naughty nurse or the sexy auto mechanic. You can even try the decent librarian going ultra dirty or a business woman stripping in office. The lingerie that goes with these volcanic eruptions are the shiny corsets, ultra miniskirts, and hot pants with holes! The possibilities can be endless! Go bold, go playful and go role playing for the man in your life.


With all the lingerie styles in place, you must remember that regardless of the type or color of your lingerie, your partner will be more excited and turned on at just the thought of hot and steamy sex. Make sure you have the correct moves to go with all the moods you display with your lingerie!

Have volcanic nights ahead!

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