These “Awkward Sex Stories” Will Certainly Make You Feel Bad For The People Who Experienced It!

Awkward Sex Stories

Awkward Sex Stories – You might’ve heard a lot of great sex-stories but today, it’s the opposite i.e. awkward sex stories. These awkward sex-stories will make you feel uncomfortable. Mostly, it’ll make you feel bad for these who experienced it.

So, let’s begin ( Awkward Sex Stories )

  1. Boyfriend had been begging me to give him a BJ and swallow. We were in the shower and I went down on him, he came, I swallowed, felt sick immediately, jumped out of the shower and vomited into the toilet (which was in the same room as the shower). What makes it worse is the force from my vomit made me fart as well. So I’m dripping wet, vomiting semen and farting, while my poor boyfriend is watching from the shower. There were no words.
  2. My first time with my then new boyfriend was on his birthday. He had just slipped on the condom and everything was going well until he blurted out, “I cannot wait to get you pregnant.”
  3. The girl I was with was a bit of a moaner, which was usually cute and stuff, but we were having sex at my parents’ house, in my old bedroom located right next to my parents’ room. So, when she was getting close to climaxing, she pressed her face against my chest (conventional guy-on-top missionary). The idea was to muffle the moan, I guess. The effect? A mood-killing fart noise coming from my chest. Thbbbbbbbbbbbbt. And it was loud, too.
  4. I had read in cosmo that guys liked it when you grabbed their shaft with both hands and twisted in opposite directions. I decided to give it a try with the boyfriend, ended up giving him a dick-Indian-rug burn. I think that was the only time I ever saw him cry.
  5. Many years ago I was inside my GF in my bed. I hear my mom come home and walk up the stairs. We both pretend to be napping/relaxing, and my mom comes into my room, sits on the bed and starts having a conversation with us about something menial (dinner/the weather). Meanwhile I am still inside my GF and we are both naked under the covers, which she realizes half way through our 5 minute Convo.
  6. I was really drunk one night and passed out during sex. The next morning I get woken up to “I can’t believe you fell asleep inside me.”
  7. In college, I brought a guy in my dorm back to my room. He was a little drunker than I originally thought and he decided that giving me a back massage would be a sexy move. So he poured this super strong smelling vanilla massage oil ALL OVER my back AND my bed. Then he passed out cold. I hung out with his buddies until he sobered up enough to get the hell out of my room.
  8. EX-GF’s dad caught me!
  9. Farted while getting a blowie.
  10. So when I was in college I was over my girlfriend’s apartment and we had a few beers. One thing leads to another and we end up on her bed messing around. She used to squirt (female ejaculate) a lot when we got it on so we’d lay a few towels down on her bed so we didn’t have to drunkenly change the sheets afterwards. We’re going at it and she tells me to stick it in …. I was not in any position to argue with her so I did. Man, I was going to town on her, and eventually I finish up, she collapses on the bed. I go into the bath room and rinse myself off a bit and come out and tell her the bathroom is free. She’s lying face down on the bed and kind of flops over and bounces off the bed and as she does this she shits on the towel. I look at her the only word I could get out of my mouth were “Did you just…”. She turned around saw what she had done yelled “Oh my god!” and locked herself in the bathroom.

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