4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Bike

Riding a Bike

Riding a bike – It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or a pro in riding a bike, because what you are going to read ahead is for both groups.

No matter how much you know the roads, or the tricks of riding, or what biking course you have been trained from, when you are on road, it is time to do it right. There are some really crucial aspects that most bikers overlook and nobody even bothers to bring them to notice.

Here, we will discuss about those obvious fundamentals (in other words cool facts about biking), which any idiot can find out, but nobody bothers to mention before a wrong is done.

Riding a Bike –

You Go Way Too Fast

Well, most bikers don’t realize this simple thing, but this is what truth is on the road. You probably don’t realize, but fact is when you sit on that favorite engine of yours, you hardly care what is going on around you. This happens to most bikers – the moment they start the engine, a sense of urge seeps in to conquer the road, to go ahead of all the other cars and bikes that come on the way. And the moment you shift gears and increase the speed, you are simply unstoppable. The joy of overtaking other vehicles is addictive. You need to get over it!

Other Drivers Hate You

Get this very clear. The moment you breeze past another car or a bike at a very fast speed, you are being abused and hated for what you just did. Most of the time you are reckless and don’t care about the road and don’t even realize you have scared the hell out of other drivers. They are left with no option but to loathe you. On Indian roads, this is one scene we all are pretty accustomed with, aren’t we?

Wear Your Protective Gears

Wearing your gears is often not about style, but protecting yourself. Even then, we find almost 90% of the bikers are not bothered of wearing protective gears while riding a bike. Well, you might think that to wear all the gears (jackets, helmet, jeans, proper shoes, gloves, etc.) might look a little silly, and given the weather in India it’s difficult we understand. But when you are riding, it’s better to do it right. Don’t you think so? It makes you stylish too!  People always stand and admire every time a cool dude in an elaborate strappy attire speed pass them.

It’s NOT like Riding a Bicycle

Never think of your motorcycle to be your bicycle. You can’t do things in a motorbike that you can do in a bicycle. In whatever training institute you go to, the first thing you will be told is never to take your motorcycle to be your bicycle. That would be a mistake. Though the basic concept is the same, but if you think the experience of riding a bicycle for a decade will help you in cleverly avoiding all roads perils while riding a motorcycle, you are in for a bloody terrifying disappointment. There is a lot more to riding a motorcycle than just the balance. So it would be better, you learn the trick first before hitting the road alone.

Riding a Bike – So, what do you think? Do you make any of these mistakes? Or are there any other points you would like to add. If yes, feel free to add them in the comments section!

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