Scariest Prisons In The World, Which Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Scariest prisons

Scariest prisons – They are certain countries in the world that have strict set of rules of the person committing crime.

They have even got some terrible prisons for such prisoners, that you would be horrified on know them. Here are some prisons that are nightmares to any criminal.

In fact, they would love to die, instead of being in those prisons. Terrified, right?

These are some scariest prisons that will give you shivers down your spine.

Scariest prisons –

  1. Carandiru Prison, Brazil

Known, as the ‘largest human rights violation’ and one of the worst prisons in the modern world. The prison was over-crowed with as many as 8000 prisoners. There was death of 111 inmates due to lack of proper facilities like food and medicines. There was a revolt and the prison authorities sent the military police to execute the inmates of the prison, which was known to be ‘Carandirumassacre’. Over 46 years of history, the prison recorded about 1300 deaths and the prison was closed down in 2002.

Scariest prisons

  1. Camp 22, North Korea

This isolated prison has got its own set of weird punishment for the prisoners. It is said that the prison, imprisons the family of the prisoner along with him.  This is done till the whole of the family from its very roots is imprisoned.

Scariest prisons

  1. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

This most oppressive prison has every way to torture the prisons with cruel behaviour of the guards. It is said that they are tortured by beating them to death with metal rods, cutting with axes, dragged around and many such gruesome activities.

  1. Diyarbakir prison, Turkey

This prison Records the highest physical violence and torture and sexual abuse. And the worst part about this prison would be – it equally tortures children without mercy. How cruel.

  1. Gitarama prison, Rwanda

This prison has insufficient place to house the inmates and as a result most of the inmates are found to death. This prison is said to accommodate about 400 prisoners only. There was food scarcity also on the list.

  1. La Sabaneta prison, Venezuela

The tool of torture that this prison uses is ‘ignorance’. It is said that the prisoners are not given proper food and medication. There was once cholera hit and there were 700 inmates struck to death.  In this prison rich convicts are given cells while other prisoners sleep on corridors.

Scariest prisons

  1. Kamiti

This is another hellhole that accommodates many numbers of prisoners while it could only hold 4 prisoners per a room. Adding to this there is no water for the prisoners due to which there is abundant spread of diseases throughout the prison.

Scariest prisons

  1. Petak Island prison, White lake, Russia

This really terrible prison, puts two prisoners in a small cell room and is only allowed for ‘two’ visits outside. How insane this sounds.

Scariest prisons

So, these were some terrific set of Scariest prisons across the world!! We might all be horrified by just knowing about them, but imagine the life of the prisoners over there. Pity could be a small word. After all this gruesome acts and terrific prisons – I doubt if there is at least 1% of decline in the crime rate. I really doubt!!

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