How Science Gives Birth To Under Water Farming?

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Land-based farming has been one of the traditional methods to grow crops. Over years of experience and research on agriculture and farming, it has been possible to allow underwater agriculture of farming. Therefore growing strawberries and deep-sea, herbs is possible through a sustainable form of farming. It has been over the years that agriculture has been suffering due to a lack of land, soil, and water. Science has given birth to underwater farming which has provided relief to the agriculture industry. It has helped in reducing wastage of water, implementing low pesticides as well as safe growth of plants or crops.

One of such greatest inventions is in the sea bed known as Nemo’s Garden in Italy. This underwater farming occupies an agricultural area that is about 11 m below the water surface.

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The invention of Under Water farming in Italy

The innovative designs of underwater farming seem like a fiction story. But its cultivation has its real and practical implementation of plant and crop growth. The surface of the farming consists of vegetable flowers as well as herbs. It acts as a boon to agriculture when there is an absence of fertile soil.

The invention has given an alternative way to our traditional farming methods. It is a project that has been undergoing development in two phases. The main objective of the development is to work on studying the different characteristics of the plants. After observing the factors and features leading to designing the hydroponic system to work effectively.

Cultivation was an innovative idea of Sergio Gamberini, that was designed and practically developed with the help of Ocean Reef Group in 2012.

There has always been a phase of doubt if terrestrial plants could be grown in the marine environment. But this project itself has shown its ability to introduce terrestrial plants into the salty water.

The advantage of Underwater farming can be experienced in all climates. It can be in the expressive heat and dry weather or cold. Discoveries on different applications to provide the best treatment for the growth of the crop.

Benefits to find an alternative to “Nemo’s Garden”

Crop cultivation has acquired an alternative method for agriculture. Growing crops have been difficult with the changing climate pollution and reduced land area. Nemo’s Garden is an undersea project that has extended space with the greenhouse effect.

The plants are placed under domes or biosphere. The biosphere is developed to handle the water pressure and work against sea water damage. To maintain the position of the biosphere please do homes are locked with change and anchors to the sea bed.

In the center, a structure, “tree of life” is developed which is a sign of the midpoint. It enables laying the cables and equipment around it the biospheres and encircles. The biosphere system enables the provision of oxygen, radio communication, and humidity sensors with the connection of Wi-Fi located at the top of it. To put an eye on the conditions and crops or plants, the hydroponic system can be watched through live-streamed videos. Even staying out of the water one can easily supervise farming.

Above all energy for sensors forms and light, a provided by the wind generators along with solar panels which are present on the surface. Therefore it is a self-sustaining system that can survive effectively.

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