How Long Does the Immunity of Covid 19 Last?

immunity of covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has already put several lives in danger, and slowly the death rate reduction is experienced at the end of 2020. It indicates the increase in immunity among infected people. The disease is a viral infection causing breathing problems that are acute. The inflammation through the respiratory tract is controlled but based on the different types of treatments. So, once it is controlled the second question is, how long does or will the immunity of Covid-19 last? It is one of the major inquiry that runs inside the mind of both infected and uninfected people.

If you are infected once, then will the antibodies last life-long like other viral infections, or will stay for a few months or years? Based on the different factors such as age, gender and the condition of the infected the immunity of Covid-19 depends.

Will the T-cells acts as protector?

The T-cells has been detected as the long-lasting than the antibodies that are developed within the body. But one cannot deny that once the antibodies are in the body then it will last for a long time. Though cases of re-infections are in reports, concerning the complexity of the disease and virus. Few cases from the millions have been informed to be infected again from the corona-virus. As the rate of infections is reducing it is also observed that the disease is turning asymptomatic, cases where they are infected but it is not causing any kind of problems to their health.

T-cells have the ability to strengthen the immunity, that directly attacks the cells or virus that is attacking the body through the infections in the blood cells. Vaccine trials are on set with the T cells, and it is one of the expensive procedures.

Hereby the minimum lasting of the immunity has been observed to be till the minimum of six months. And one can really feel protected when they know that the second infection can’t do many damages.

What does the B-cell immunity of covid-19?

The drawback of B-cells immunity regarding the treatment or curing of coronavirus is that does not play a greater role in developing the antibodies. It may not be helpful in the trials of the vaccines, as it is useful as antibodies but different compared to the other antibody. The changing tendency of the B-cell antibody may help in coping up if there is any exposure or changes in the virus to extend the immunity of Covid-19.

The antibodies are formed after 20 days of the infections, hereby if a person is infected and test positive. Then it is expected that the antibodies are formed and will be protected from the disease further controlled.

So, in both cases, the immunity of covid-19 for both asymptomatic and symptomatic should last longer if there are the minimum changes. The presence of both the B-cells and T-cells will ensure a long time assurance to the immunity for years. If it repeats, no doubt early detections will reduce the chances of intense complications as it headed at the onset of the disease-causing a pandemic.

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