Say Hello To Luxury And Wave Good Bye To The Sub-Standard Travel


Imagine a journey where you have the privilege to travel like a king all across India in train.

A beautiful experience that you can have travelling across India is through these luxury trains that runs and covers many tourist places.

It is difficult to believe but these luxury trains have all of those high- end facilities that you will enjoy at a 5-star or a heritage hotel. You name anything about luxury and you will find all of them under the single roof that will leave you with complete solace.

Right from the Wi-Fi, to the luxury rooms, amazing food and bar, you enjoy the royal hospitality at the night and travel to places during the day.

So all you can do is ease yourself and enjoy your travel with sheer luxury at par.

Palace On Wheels

The Palace On Wheels is the oldest one that is making people enjoy the luxury since 1982. When you travel in this train it is like a time travel and feels like you have stepped into an era of royal kings and their beautiful palaces. The interiors will remind you of the rich ancient palaces of Rajasthan in the train. It is amongst the 10 best luxury trains in the world. It makes you travel to the beautiful places in Rajasthan and even the Taj Mahal.



The Deccan Odyssey

Exploring Western parts of India through this luxury train can leave you spellbound. It makes you visit some amazing places of Goa and Maharashtra. The train has 21 coaches including the gymnasium, presidential suite, spa, dining and bar. When you travel through this train you will realise that the interiors are inspired by the tourist places of the Deccan India. The journey is of 7 nights where you enjoy the lavishness and the luxury while being in this train.



Deccan Odyssey – The Indian Maharaja

This comes up with a more lavish version of the Deccan Odyssey. Doing complete justice to the name, the train makes its passengers have the real feel of a Maharaja. Although unlike the previous Deccan Odyssey, this train travels through a different route of the country. Tourists can have a lovely sojourn from Maharashtra to Delhi though the routes of royal Rajasthan. In addition to other luxury trains it also comprises of a complete library, a beauty salon and people can also enjoy an Ayurvedic massage.



Golden Chariot

Connecting the lovely forests of Karnataka to the lush green Western Ghats in Goa, the name of the Golden Chariot  is been inspired by the stone Chariot of an ancient temple of Hampi in Karnataka. Apart from the cabins named after the different dynasties that ruled South India, it also has a lounge, restaurants, spa, bar and conference room to give its passengers a great taste of the royalties that this train serves.

golden chariot


Maharajas’ Express

The winner of the World Travel Awards in the recent years, the Maharaja Express is the most luxurious train in India which was re-launched in 2012 by adding some more frills to the existing one. Among all the luxury trains of India, Maharaja Express provide the tourists with the longest itineraries that cover many beautiful tourist places of India that a traveller can complete in one single journey with all the royal perks that this train has to provide. During the days’ time the tourists have the privilege to travel to different places along with shopping and exploring the city. This train emphasizes more on the places of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh along with Delhi and Agra.

Maharaja Express

The excellent journey through these luxury trains is one of the most beautiful experiences where the dedicated hospitality by the train management will just turn it into a memorable sojourn. So without any hindrance in your comfort you have an amazing opportunity to explore the country with complete royalty that these trains provide.

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