How Cab and Taxi Owners Can Ensure Women Safety in India

In 2016, according to a government data tabled in Lok Sabha, 7305 cases were registered in India for crime against women. A complete government data for 2015 shows the reality of women safety in the country where the numbers are enough to give you chills.

In this age of technological advancement, many entrepreneurs have taken initiatives to connect women safety with technical reliability. Especially in big cities, where women are more vulnerable, innovation plays a significant role.

With the increase in demand for taxis and chauffeur driven cars in India, many road crimes are reported every day majorly revolving around females of the society.

Many products are available in the market, which targets women’s safety, and one stands out amongst all. KENT CamEye is the latest technological revolution that encourages women safety in India. It’s a first-of-its-kind car security device that’s a cross between a dash cam and a GPS tracker with intelligent alerts.

What is KENT CamEye?

The cutting-edge technology of the device provides security features like live streaming with real-time alerts and time-lapse video recording on the cloud. Its dual-camera setup gives an inside-out view of the car.

While the setup is a quick plug and play, its next-gen technology makes it a complete car security solution which is easy to access from anywhere around the globe. You can use it to safeguard your loved ones who are traveling in chauffeur driven cars or prevent the misuse of your vehicle by the driver.

How to leverage it to increase women safety in India?

Let’s consider a scenario where you are traveling in your chauffeur driven car. It’s natural that your loved ones are concerned about your safety. The device will record the videos of inside and outside the vehicle while saving them on the cloud server. Its face recognition feature is capable of scanning the driver and alert the owner’s phone if someone other than whitelisted person is driving the car. The real-time location tracker sends out location in real time.

For instance, if your mother’s phone has the access to the app, it will send her real-time alerts whenever there is a loud noise in the car, or the vehicle is sitting idle with a running engine or the AC is on for a long duration. It will also send alerts if a new person sits in the driving seat. The videos can be reviewed later in cases of misbehaviour or suspicion.

These are some of the features which make it an ideal safety equipment for chauffeur driven cars and private cabs.

If put in simple words, it records and livestreams video, audio, and location. In case of an abrupt shutdown, it will send out an alert to the owner’s phone. Furthermore, one can also make use of the device’s two-way calling feature to contact the driver in case mobile network isn’t available.

The device fits the parameters of women safety standards required in India.

Since the device is handy, easy to install, and videos can be viewed via live streaming from anywhere around the globe, it makes a perfect car security solution.

In today’s world, we want our women to be safer and move around freely at any time of the day or night. Installing KENT CamEye in a car may revive the faith and give freedom to all the women where they know someone is keeping an eye on them. The device is available through Amazon India and one can even demo it right at their home. As they say, “it is out of sight, but never out of mind,” we can create a better place for our female counterparts with such technological revolutions.

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