Dating guide: When should you call it quits?

When should you bid adieu to your relationship? We tell you the signs to watch out for.

The biggest mistake one makes in a relationship is pushing it till there’s no way around it. If you know it in your heart that this is not what you really wanted or it’s not going to way you thought it would, it’s important to call it quits. Hanging on to it will not do you any good, in fact, it will only put you in misery. We tell you the sings you need to watch out and when to part ways. Read on:

Communication lag:
Remember the initial phase of dating when you would text each other throughout the day and call about five times, just to, umm…check on him/her? Well, that’s no longer there, is it? Now it’s more of a customary (cursory?) call at the end of the day, just to, umm…say things are cool. Texts have dwindled and e-mails and pings don’t really excite the either of you. When picking up the phone and calling him/her is a task, you know you can’t go on with this relationship. Because the only thing that binds you together is the excitement to speak with each other and share even the silliest of issues with each other. If that feeling isn’t there, what would you do with each other?

Arguments lead to fights:
During your initial years, you might have solved your issues by compromising or promptly saying a ‘sorry’ to end the argument. But not now. Even the smallest ones grow into a full fledged fight as neither of you want to give in. In a way, you’re marking your territory and telling him/her that I am not going to fight for us. If it has come down to this in your relationship, it’s important that you think about spending the rest of your life with him/her. If you can’t handle each other’s annoying habits, there’s no way you can be there for each other.

Zero sexual attraction:
Love also needs lust to survive. If you have been giving your daily quota of sex a miss, time to think where exactly your relationship is heading. You gotta keep the spark alive and if you’re unable to, really, there’s no way out for you. Forget sex, even if intimacy is lacking in your everyday activity, you have to give you two a serious thought.

Future plans? What’s that?
You can’t imagine that there was a time when you had decided on your kids’ names, and now you can’t even broach the topic of tying the knot. If your future plans looks fuzzy and you don’t want to imagine talking to your respective set of parents about each other. Ouch.





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